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150 Fun Romantic Date Ideas in NJ

 Never ever run out of great date ideas in NJ again!

At a loss of what to do or where to go? Not anymore! Refer here whenever you need a good date idea!

1. A date to get pampered at a local Day Spa
2. A date to make your own wine or Mozzarella, bottle your own Olive oil or melt gourmet chocolate
3. A date to see an upcoming concert in NJ

A date on a romantic horse-drawn carriage
5. Show your romantic side by planning a date to design your own jewelry together.

A creative date to a BYOB art class in NJ.
7. A date at a secluded beach (May we suggest Sea Girt)
8. A date to see
men joust on horses while you eat dinner (Now that's romantic!)
9. A
horseback riding date
10. A date to rent a romantic
canoe, Kayak or Charter boat
11. A date to go
rafting on the Delaware
12. A romantic date to go 
camping together
13. A date to a new most romantic restaurant (one you have never tried)
14. A date to a
dinner Theatre 
15. A date to the local zoo
16. A date to
see a play at your local theatre
17. A date at a high-class cocktail lounge or restaurant
18. A date to
drive a real race car together - Find Auto race tracks too!
19. A Date on a
Hot Air Balloon ride
20. A date to go
para-sailing together
21. A date to getaway for the night and
stay on a pig farm
22. A date to make your own wine together
23. A date at the local dog park
24. A date to take a romantic
walking tour of Princeton NJ
25. An evening date to make beaded Jewelry together
26. A date to pick fruit together at a local orchard
27. A date to go
Ice Skating together
28. A date to take a very romantic walking tour in NY
29. A date to a baseball game, football game or Basketball game.
30. A date to
tour new homes together
31. A date to learn to
scuba dive together
32. A date to go on a
haunted ghost tour together
33. A date to go see a
Jazz band in the city
34. A date to ride a romantic
Ferris wheel together
35. A romantic afternoon walk or picnic at a park together
36. A date to go out and
watch a movie
37. A date to go on a hiking trip together

38. A date to play a round at a luxurious golf course
39. A romantic dinner date at a
four-star restaurant
40. A
whitewater rafting date
41. A date to take a day trip to an unusual off-the beaten path attraction

42. A date to go fishing together -
Party Boats - Charter a boat
43. A date to paint your own pottery together
44. A date to a local
art gallery or art museum
45. A date to take
Dancing lessons together
46. A romantic date to tour a local historic attraction
47. A date at the
archery range to shoot arrows together
48. A date to explore a
lost Cavern or mine together
49. A date to go
Skiing together
50. A date to go
tubing down the Delaware together
51. A date to a
cool town that you have never visited
52. A date to take a
helicopter ride together 
53. A date to go
boating together
54. A date to get romantic massages together
55. A date to go fishing on a party boat together
56. A date to see real wolves together up close and personal
57. A date to stay in a Romantic Bed and Breakfast together
58. A date to play Paintball together
59. A date to go on a sightseeing cruise
60. A date to go Whale watching
61. A date to rent Jet skis and go Jet skiing together
62. A date to build a sandcastle together at the beach
63. A date at a local museum
64. A date to an aquarium
65. A date to a stock car race
66. A date to go on a dinner cruise
67. A date to learn surfing together at the beach
68. A date to go on a spontaneous weekend getaway

69. A date to rent a limo and drive to nowhere
70. A date to a local winery
71. A date to buy cheap used cd's together
72. A date to go to sailing school together
73. A date to a wax museum
74. A date to see a Broadway show together
75. A date to the planetarium or science center
76. A date to go hunting together

77. A date to a beautiful stone museum
78. A date to a off the beaten track town
79. A date to go skydiving together
80. A date to go to a waterpark together
81. A date to a nightclub or dance club
82. A date to go to a new and wacky bar in NY Together

83. A date to take an exotic dance class together
84. A date to plat laser tag together

85. A date to go to New York Together
86. A date to a rock concert 
87. A date to go on a new and interesting day trip together

88. A date to a romantic outdoor restaurant in NYC
89. A date to a local amusement park to ride roller coasters
90. A date to a casino to learn a new game together

91. A date to take a day trip to New Hope in Bucks County PA
92. A date to the horse-racing track
93. A date to a small town with cool shops
94. A date to an arcade to play games together

95. A go-kart riding date in Ocean City or Keansburg
96. A date to scuba dive a shipwreck
97. A learn how to rock-climbing date
98. A date to tour a local college campus together

99. A date to visit a prison museum together
100. A date to go to water skiing together
101. A date to a lake or a swimming hole
102. A date to visit to Amish Country in PA
103. A date to a free Art museum
104. A date to go target shooting or a shooting range together
105. A date to a sporting event
106. An overnight date to a Hotel that you would normally never go to 
107. A date to go ice fishing at Swartswood State park (at your own discretion)
108. A romantic dog sledding date
109. A date to a batting cage

110. A date to view the stars together through a huge telescope
111. A date to see a local college sports team play
112. A miniature golf date 

113. A date to a fun waterpark in NJ
114. A date to go bobsledding
115. A date to a boxing match
116. A date to a really cool farm together
117. A date to visit New Brunswick together

118. A date to a classic car show

119. A date to a really cool flea market
120. A date to take a romantic cooking lesson together
121. A date to see a local band
122. A date to visit one of New Jersey's Boardwalks

123. A date to getaway to a Romantic Hotel and Spa

124. A date to do something cool and unusual

125. A date to go on a ferry 
125. A date to
visit to find a hundred more great date Ideas!

The following date Ideas are more general and can be done locally in your area at any time

126. A bird watching date
127. A date to the pet store to pick out a pet together
128. A date at the first place you ever went out together
129. A date to go shopping for new clothes together
130. A date to the local gym to exercise together or to join together
131. A date to a tanning salon together
132. A date to pick wildflowers together
133. A date to go on an afternoon sightseeing drive together
134. A date to local garage sales to go treasure hunting
135. A date to an old cemetery
136. A date to have ice-cream together
137. A date to a local antique shop
138. A date to go moonlight bowling at Hiohela Sportland in Pennington NJ (609-737-0500)
139. A date to a karaoke bar for some duet singing
140. A roller blading or roller skating date
141. A date to paint a portrait or take pictures of each other
142. A date to the supermarket and then back home to cook together
143. A date to wash your cars together (be creative with the foam)
144. A date to put on candle light and write poems for each other
145. A date to roast marshmallows over a campfire 
146. A date to Newark Airport to watch planes take off together
147. A date to park your car and star watch together
148. A date to bake cookies and watch a scary movie at midnight
149. A date to wash each other's hair and then give back rubs to each other
150. A date to your local bookstore to pick out a surprise book for each other
151. A date to have a shaving cream fight and pillow fight


We hope you enjoyed our list of date ideas in NJ. is committed to helping you find the coolest date ideas in NJ and surrounding areas. If you're looking for things to do on a date in NJ, we hope you refer to this page time and time again in the future. For many more date ideas please visit our home page. Our site map page lists every single page on!


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