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Sahara Sam's Amusement Park in NJ


Fun Theme Parks to Explore

Here are some reviews and thoughts about the 20 amusement parks in NJ. How many of these action-packed amusement and theme parks have you experienced? This is your connection to find some fun theme parks where you can zoom on the thrill rides or just simply stroll along one of New Jersey's many famous boardwalks and piers that are filled with rides, arcades, and amusements. NJ is also home to many smaller exciting indoor amusement centers. We've listed them here as well. Click the play buttons below to see videos of every theme park!

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Best Wooden Roller Coasters in NJ


The Great White at Morey's Piers!

Photo of one of the best roller coasters on a beach in NJ which is the Great White wooden roller coaster with 6 red cars full of people with the beach in the background at More's Piers amusement park in Wildwood NJ

A classic wooden roller coaster with a tremendous 105 drop at speeds of over 50 MPH. On the beach with the Atlantic Ocean in the backdrop. Perfection!


What is the Fastest Monorail Roller Coaster in NJ (and the World)?


The NJ Devil!

Coming in 2020

The tallest, fastest and longest single-rail roller coaster!

13 stories high

87 foot drop

180 degrees inversions

Zero G roll

Inline single passenger riders on a thin monorail track

Speeds up to 60 MPH

Over 3000 feet of track (Thats over 10 football fields long!)

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