Top 7 Historical Sites in New Jersey: Ones That You Will Really Want to Visit!

Image of historic Thomas Edison

Are you ambitious to uncover some really cool historical sites in NJ?

Today, Fun New Jersey will showcase the top 7 historical sites that you must visit if you get some time for exploring some of the chapters of history in our state.

Let’s get right into it!

Princeton University Chapel


Image of the historic Princeton University Chapel

Address: Princeton, NJ 08544, United States

The architecture of the Princeton University Chapel looks like it has come out of a fairy tale with unbelievable beauty and grandeur.

The Chapel is one of the largest college Chapels in the world.

The sight of it takes us back to the magnificence of the old Gothic revival.

It was first designed in 1921 by Ralph Adams.

Many people and Ministers used to speak and deliver sermons there in the early 1960s.

Martine Luther King Jr. had had a sermon in 1960 as well.

On pews, numerous prints are engraved and the glass windows reflect thinking to back to memorable Princetonians who had lived nearby.

In 1991, the chapel was renovated by N.P Mander (Ltd of England).

The Princeton University Chapel is still a place where thanksgiving, penitence, wedding ceremonies, worshipping, and funerals are performed even to this day.

Inhabitants of NJ (as well as surrounding areas) must visit it at least once in their lifetime so as to see how magnificent it looks, and what feelings you get from being so close to such a historic landmark.

Hamilton Park

Reveccasr, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Image of the Hudson river and NY skyline forom the historic Hamilton Park in Jersey City NJ

A great historical site to check out in North Jersey is Hamilton Park.

Named after Alexander Hamilton.

A Federalist known as John B.Coles from New York had initiated the project of a public park but unfortunately, he was not able to finish it before his death.

It was then completed by friends of the Coles in the mid of 1800s.

When visiting Hamilton Park, you can easily track down your favorites (foods, wine shops, burgers, and so on).

For families with young children, Hamilton Park and Van Vorst Park are good parks to check out within Jersey City for recreation, enjoyment, and historical learning.

Thomas Edison Historical Park

Image of the inside to the Thomas Edison Museum in NJ

Thomas Edison Historical Park is a site that possesses many the memories of Mr Edison.

He lived there at the area, where the park is now situated.

He had lived in this place from 1886 up until the last last day of his life.

The park has laboratory complex where he developed phonographs and the motion picture camera among many other inventions.

Edison had purchased the estate Glenmont for his bride Mina Miller Edison in 1886.

He raised his children, and enjoyed time with friends at the site of Glenmont.

The Thomas Edison Historical Park is a great day trip idea for families and friends to explore.

Newark Museum

The Newark Museum has collections of 80 + beautiful artifacts including splendid collections of American art, decorative and impressive art, arts of old civilizations, and contemporary art.

Galleries include Arts of Global Africa and Arts of Global Asia.

The museum offers many different programs including homeschool programs, a virtual planetarium, field trips, films, and performances.

It is one of the best historic sites in NJ.

World war II Historical Lookout Tower

There have been some recent restorations of the World War II Historical Tower.

The changes have made it a quite an enthralling and tempting museum to visit, as tourists from around the world can come to witness how Americans acted during the 2nd world war when they built this tower to safeguard themselves from enemies and adversaries.

The tower was built in 1942 as a coastal security against the fighters coming in from sea.

Visitors can climb the tower and view engraved paintings, stand scripts and much more that depict involvement of the conflicts that happened during that time.

Historic Walnford

The historic Walnford House is a house built in 1774 by the Waln family.

The picturesque site offers a bunch of beautiful scenery of nature within its village.

There are some people that live in the neighborhood of the house who are friendly and are glad to tell visitors about the  200+ years of history of 2 of the technological, sociological, psychological, behavioral, and environmental history of the area.

Especially history that focuses on the Waln family & Walnford.

Richard Waln had denied participation in the Revolutionary War.

If you love nature and history, this should a must-visit on your day trip checklist.

Ringwood Manor

Back in 1771, Scottish engineer Robert Erskine was managing ironworks in the area of Ringwood, NJ.

The Ringwood Manor is now a recreational place that portrays a beautiful picture of nature, hard work, beauty, and ironworks.

Final Words

These are our picks of the  7 best historic sites in NJ.

We hope you can get out and visit these sites as soon as possible.




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