Best Coffee Shops in NJ – Where to get the Best Coffee Experience

Hot coffee cup with fresh beans

Unique Coffee shops that you must visit.

New Jersey is home to many specialty coffee shops.

Some are quaint small family-owned boutique shops, and some are chains.

Coffee shops have gained tremendous popularity in New Jersey over the past decade.

Coffee shops are not just places to grab a cup of hot coffee but they have evolved into relaxing jaunts where you can do much more than drink coffee.

They have become a haven for coffee lovers to come and relax, eat gourmet breakfasts and brunches, work on their laptops, read novels in a quiet corner, play board games, or simply to grab their favorite blend to go.

Coffee houses have become accepted social outlets where interviews can be had or where colleagues can meet up and conduct business activities and informal business meetings.

Many coffee houses serve up homemade baked goods, egg sandwiches, doughnuts and some even offer gourmet savory foods, local hot sauces, and interesting condiments.

There is also a plethora of coffeehouses that sell art, table books, antiques, and even consignment clothing.

Here are our humble picks of some unique and interesting (best and exclusive) coffee shops in the Garden State. Exclusive spots where you can try many different many luscious and unique blends of coffee!

Bubby’s Beanery, Toms River

Image of music memorabilia on the wall at Bubby's Beanery one of New Jerseys best coffee shops

Bubby’s is a local coffee shop that is known for its yummy treats, vinyl album collection, music memorabilia, custom painted portraits of musicians, and amazing coffee.

At Bubby’s the drinks have been associated with different musicians’ names, and songs attracting a wide range of music admirers.

Examples include: Two Pink Floyd referenced drinks “Eclipse” (which is one of their signature coffees) and their “Dark Side of the Moon”.

Bubby’s Beanery is undoubtedly a place for music lovers, as claimed by its owner.

The superb & mesmerizing interior of the shop adds to the coffee experience.

The blackboard on the walls shows significant monuments from music history.

Come, witness, a drum set from 1963 which hangs from the ceiling.

Coffee lovers will love Bubby’s Beanery’s diverse selection of unique drinks to choose from.

Offerings include, (but are not limited to), brewed tea, homemade almond whipped cream, and affogato – made from coconut espresso.

Jola Coffee

Image of some pastries at one of the best coffee shops in all of NJ - Jola Coffee

Jodi Sundler started this alluring & diminutive 670 square foot coffee shop in 2017.

The main idea behind Jola Coffee was to serve unique specialty coffees.

Jodi concentrates on brewing coffee at its highest standard.

Although the interior space of this shop is a bit on the smaller side, it certainly packs a big punch when it comes to its Javas!

According to Jodi, “We are known for our level of hospitality.”

She adds, “I have the ability to remember people’s names, stories, and what coffee they prefer.”

Jola’s specialty coffee is available in hot & steaming cups of Americano, Latte, Cappuccino, and more.

You can enjoy your coffee with Dark Brown Cannelle, Apple Danish, or a Buttery Balthazar Croissant.

This little shop offers a fun and terrific way to start your day.

The Local Market & Kitchen

A front look of the inner till of The Local Coffee Shop

If you are searching for a tremendous cup of coffee in the Long Beach Island area, The Local Market & Kitchen is the right landing place for you.

Some patrons like to start with an Ice Churron Lattee or a hot Sumatra cup by adding one or two pumps of the fresh & spiced pumpkin-flavored coffee.

The market is well known for its wide variety of delicious baked products.

Baked delicacies include: Homemade Pop-Tart Style pastries, Giant Cream Filled Sandwich Cookies, Nutella and Strawberry stuffed pastries, and Frosted Cinnamon Buns just to name a few.

The homemade breakfast sandwiches are one of their signature delicacies and they must be tasted to truly be believed.

The egg sandwiches are very rich and fluffy, especially the ones that are served on Brioche Rolls, which are stuffed with different variants of cheese, eggs, pork roll and veggies.

Come early to grab one of their egg sandwiches because they only make a certain about and when they are gone, they are gone. 🙁

The rear of the shop is also loaded with a wide selection of terrific homemade prepared foods that many of the locals grab to take home.

The food is well cooked and made with excellent ingredients. (Try their homemade meatballs!)

So there you have it!

The Local is a superb spot for some good eats, and top-notch coffee.

The Local is open year-round even in the island’s offseason.

The staff is well trained, efficient, friendly, and attentive.

Brewshot Cafe

A window shot of the Brewshot coffe in New Jersey

Opened in 2012, Brewshot Cafe doesn’t just treat coffee as a routine drink; instead, they look at coffee as a way of life.

They have always thrived for coffee perfection from the day of its inception.

Brewshot is renowned as one of the best coffee shops in Northern New Jersey.

The cafe specializes in unique brews such as Golden Latte, Matcha Latte, and seasonal Pumpkin Spice Latte.

The Brewshot Cafe takes care to get only the finest freshest beans and they take pride in the way their coffee brews are made.

This restaurant offers breakfast items such as onion, tomato, and jalapeno egg bites, deviled egg salad sandwiches, as well as, coffee, and other drinks.

At Brewshot, sidewalk seating is also available inside & outside.

Inside window seating is available.

If you are a coffee admirer, you owe it to yourself to give the Brewshot Cafe a shot.

Red Eye Cafe

Coffee Mug Sharing in red eye cafe

The Red Eye Cafe gets our vote as one of the best coffee establishments because of their amazing breakfast and lunch menus.

Unique selections include a tarragon chicken sandwich on multigrain bread, a roasted shiitake salad with kale and toasted almonds in a sherry vinaigrette, and a pesto broccoli scramble with smoked Gouda on challah among many others.

Because of its diverse menu, it is now considered to not only be the perfect destination for coffee but of course also for breakfast and lunch.

The cafe also offers its coffee aficionados a peaceful environment to read and relax as they take delicious sips of their coffee.

Hours are from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Red Eye holds to its mission of delivering the best quality at reasonable prices.

Visit their Facebook page for more information about Red Eye.

Ethan and the Bean

Front image of the Ethan and the bean coffee New Jersey
The entrance of the Ethan and the Bean coffee shop in New Jersey

Ethan and the Bean is a relatively small coffee shop in New Jersey.

This great non-profit company helps the underprivileged by providing jobs and training to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

One of the building bricks of Ethan’s vision is to boost the self-esteem & skills of disabled people to help them live more independently.

They have a unique selection of iced drinks, and specialty coffee.

Food items include pumpkin and banana bread.

Patrons can purchase bags of coffee and cool merchandise like sweatshirts and coffee tumblers to go.

If you know of a unique coffee shop that you would like for us to add to this list, please leave a comment below!

PS: The Inkwell Coffee House is a great spot where you can get coffee late in the midnight hour.




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