The Stone Pony

Image of the Stone Pony early in the morning as it is just starting to get light out

Asbury Park, NJ / United States – Oct. 11, 2020: an early morning landscape image of the Stone Pony; one of New Jersey’s best-known music venues.

The Stone Pony

If you love music, The Stone Pony is one of the best music venues worldwide and arguably the best in the state of New Jersey.

Stone Pony

 If you wish to spend your summer listening to some of the best bands in New Jersey, The Stone Pony is the place you should be heading. Well-known for arranging rock music concerts since 1974, it has been one of the most popular spots.

Some famous singers such as Bruce Springsteen, Southside Johnny, and Steve Van Zandt made The Stone Pony a better place for music, and now most of the other popular bands and singers keep up with the legacy.

If the summer is tiring and you have nothing to do, get yourself soaking in the best music venue in New Jersey.

The Stone Pony is located on Ocean Avenue, Asbury Park, and is a popular place for music lovers.

How it all started?

Before turning into one of the most enjoyable music venues, the founders first opened the in-house restaurant called “Mrs. Jay’s”, next to Mrs. Jay’s Beer Garden.

Popular among college students, bikers, and a multilingual community of tourists, it was one of the best places to hang out. The founders also allowed a few bands to perform before Mrs. Jay’s beer garden went out of business.

In 1973, Mrs. Jay’s was reopened as the stone pony, and the world’s popular music artists performed their best musical stages.

There were a series of ups and downs before the club became one of the biggest hits. In 1990, there was an outrage in New Jersey when there were talks of closing down the stone pony, and the founders had no option other than to file bankruptcy due to a lot of drunks and drive lawsuits at the place.

It was the music community that took charge to preserve the live, original, and millennium music. In the year 2000, the stone pony was renovated and, till today, is one of the popular music venues in New Jersey.

Before reopening in the year 2000, The Stone Pony committed to Asbury Park for involvement and co-sponsored the weekend-long Asbury Park festival at the oceanfront.

The festival was free to the public and featured local arts and crafts vendors and live music. However, now the shows at Stone Pony are chargeable, but the charity events are free.

Stone Pony also supports regional musicians with awards. The award show is held at Stone Pony and jointly organized by Stone Pony, The Saint, WBJB-FM, and The Aquarian. This award show’s format is similar to Grammy awards and is a great initiative to encourage local musicians.

The awards are presented between performances of live, original music, and poetry categories.

Stone Pony is not only a live music platform but also a hope and charity center. It has conducted a series of charity events in its 40 long years of music. One of which is “Remembering Harry Chapin,” which confronts world hunger, and Stone Pony is also a place for Food Banks and Ocean Counties.

Supporting Local Musicians and Pandemic Fund

The pandemic had shut down all the doors for artists performing live shows in the Stone Pony club of New Jersey; Stone Pony took charge and conducted a live music stream to support local musicians and conducted many fund-raising campaigns for the Asbury Park community’s Pandemic Relief.

Besides, Stone Pony also conducted a contest named “Hope by Design” to raise funds for the New Jersey Pandemic Fund and successfully contributed to people’s relief.

The Stone Pony Summer Stage

Come join The Stone Pony during the summer season at their Summer Stage to see some exciting shows!

Shadow of the city

Deftones back in May 2022


The Deftones teamed up with Gojira and the pop-metal star Poppy in MAy of 2022, and brought the summer stage night on fire!

Future Shows

There are only a few shows left this Summer of 2022. But you get excited about the future as the stage always boasts some of the most famous singers and live music.

How to Buy tickets for the Stone Pony shows?

If you are interested in seeing a Stone Pony show, you can search for tickets here. Search Stone Pony Tickets.

A few of the music bands provide you with VIP packages that allow you to have an early entry and get a chance to meet and greet your favorite music celebrities, get their autographed tour posters, and a lot more exciting things.

The Stone Pony Merchandise

If you are a fan of Stone Pony, you might not want to miss the merchandise collection they have on the website. The Stone Pony online shop has a comprehensive collection for its fans to flaunt at live events. The collection includes caps, hoodies, Tee shirts, and exciting accessories for Men, Women, and Kids.


1. Is there parking all year round?

There is an option for street parking along with the paid meter. There is a high chance you won’t get any availability in summer, so public transport is the best choice.

2. Are cameras allowed at the stone pony?

No, any camera with a detachable lens is not allowed. You can watch all the pictures at Stone Pony Flickr Gallery.

3. Lost and Found in Stone Pony

The Stone Pony tries its best to locate your lost items but they are not responsible if your item is not found.


If you love music, get yourself a ticket and visit this magical place to experience some of the greatest singers performing live. Stone Pony is one of the mystical and must-visit places in the State of New Jersey.



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