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Places Where You Can Get on The Delaware To Go River Tubing!

Kick back and relax blissfully in the shining sun as you float down the Delaware River. Tubing opportunities are available up and down the area some even including lunch specials with the price. It's the perfect way to relax with friends in a serene and wooded environment along a river. Rapids will be found along your way to add a bit of excitement to the leisurely activity. Meanwhile, you can enjoy views of mountains, trees, and even historical sights!


Other Places to Go Rafting

Delaware River Family Campground
100 Rt. 46, Columbia, NJ 07832

How about a weekend of camping and rafting!
There are no places to go actual white water rafting in NJ where you will hit wild waters, but The Delaware River Family Campground still offers an exciting river experience in the breathtaking Delaware Water Gap area - only a five-minute drive from Route 80.

You can rent canoes, kayaks, rafts or tubes for 4 miles, 8 miles, and 12-mile river trips! This is a very exciting white water rafting trip that is suited for the whole family, even kids!


You will hit a few areas where the water moves a bit but this is not a high class and dangerous rafting adventure. Instead, it is meant to be fun and entertaining. Other options are to hike the Appalachian trail which is nearby or simply relax around the resort. It's a great escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


Please call 908-475-4517 if you have questions or would like more information. This is some kid-friendly white water rafting in North Jersey

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

This is a great option if you wanted to go tubing by yourself. The area is absolutely beautiful, and visitors can explore over 40 miles of the river. The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area encompasses 67,000 acres of mountain floodplains and valleys. There is also over 100 miles of hiking trails available. Their website is full of awesome information to help you plan your visit.


Advantages of Using A Service to Tube on The Delaware

Not everybody knows this, but besides all services on this list, there are other ways to enter the Delaware River to go tubing. And the best part about it, is that it’s free.

When you use a company to get on the river, the advantages are that you get to park your car in one area and you’re able to get bused up the river. They take you to a destination and then let you out on the river, and essentially you float back your car.

Another advantage of using a service like The Delaware River Tubing Company, is that you get to use their tubes. It’s a good convenience and not have to bring your own tubes. They also sell water shoes and other items needed for the river, including a 100% waterproof bag to keep your valuables in.

Delaware River tubing is one of the only places as well where you can get a package with lunch included. The famous River hotdog man has a stand in the middle of the river halfway down the river.

Floating on The Delaware River on You Own

If you want to be adventurous, you can tackle the river on your own without paying anybody. A good idea would be to bring two cars and on the sides of the road of the river, you have to find two openings, one Upper River and one downriver. So the idea would be to leave one car downriver and drive the other one Upper River and float back down to your car, and then you can take that car to go get the other car.

Here is a PDF of Delaware River boat access sites from the New Jersey Fish and wildlife commission.

We’ve done this a couple of times and we brought our own tubes in a couple of coolers and it was a lot of fun. We also brought a pump and a six-foot floatable boat device.

Are Pets Allowed on The River?

Just as another note, dogs are allowed on the river as well. Please call first to make sure as river conditions may dictate otherwise.

There is some monitoring on the river, so be careful not to bring alcohol as it is prohibited on the river. We have brought in the past as it was a little bit more lax, but we don’t recommend taking a chance anymore.

One of the greatest things about the river is that it’s not really owned by anyone. You can go to all sections of the river and you can stop on the shorelines or on the little islands in the middle and look around. We’ve actually gone into some really shallow waters and have docked a little while and hung out on the shoreline.
There are little areas where you can actually dock and go up little hills or stairs into the townships.


There are a couple of bars and restaurants Take your time and plan your trip so you know what you will be doing.

We have gone on trips that have lasted almost 6 hours. So basically can do whatever you like.


We Checked It Out Ourselves!

We spent a day tubing with Delaware River Tubing so you can go in prepared. Learn about our experience navigating the river. It'll give you some helpful pointers and valuable information so you can go in prepared.

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