Bird Watching in NJ

Forget The Finch!

New Jersey is home to more than just the American Goldfinch, the beautiful golden-chested state bird. Try to spot the distinctive red of a cardinal or the faded blue of a blue jay. Tune into their tweets and chirps as you sit peacefully and enjoy the views. For an even closer look, bring along some binoculars or use a nearby telescope. Specific parks even have special locations designed for birders to practice the hobby.

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Take To The Seas

If you enjoy peace and quiet and nature, but want to switch it up from bird-watching, try out fishing. NJ has plenty of opportunities for fresh and salt water fishing. If you don't have your own boat, explore charter boats, many of which even offer fishing expeditions at various times. Bring your little one along to a kid-friendly charter boat for a day of bonding and fishing.

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