Beautiful Sunflower Farms and Fields in NJ

a view of sunflower field

Make Sure You Hit Up One of These Sunflower Farms Near You!

New Jersey is blessed when it comes to the luxury of having some beautiful Sunflower farms right here in our hometown state.

In case you didn’t know that we even had them, listed below are some beautiful Sunflower farms that you can visit.

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When the summer season comes, make sure you plan a weekend getaway or at least a day trip to visit one of these beautiful farms.

A little trip off to one of these serene and pleasant sunflower fields can refresh and revitalize your spirit while taking you away from your everyday hectic life for a short while.

If you’ve been looking for a way to be refreshed, keep reading and see the best farms that we have hand-picked just for you! 

Note: New Jersey’s scenic sunflower farms are exciting and natural places to take family photos!

The fresh scent and the lush vibrant view of a New Jersey sunflower field is a perfect break for you to enjoy yourself.

Now let’s get right onto it:

Here are some of the most stunning sunflower fields you can find in New Jersey.

Alstede Farms

The beautiful fields of Alstede farms are located at Alstede Farms Lane, in Chester Township, NJ.

The blooming season for these fields starts in July.

In August, they have the sunflower festival where people from nearby places visit and appreciate the farms beautiful views.

Beginning from 9:00 am in the morning, you can come to the farm with your friends and family to pick some beautiful flowers for yourself.

This duration of flower picking extends until 6:00 pm in the evening.

You can buy individual sunflowers for $2 dollars each. For under $15 you can form a beautiful bunch to take home to give to someone special or you can keep them as a little souvenir for yourself.

Brodhecker Farm

Brodhecker Farm is a nice sized sunflower farm that spans just about 7 acres.  The farm is located in Sparta in New jersey.

Sunflowers at Brodhecker farm

Their huge field of sunflowers gives a beautiful view to all of the people who pass by their farm.

The farm is free for passerby’s to enjoy the landscape and to take a few clicks of the beautiful backdrop of flowers.

August is peak blooming season for its sunflowers.

Brodhecker Farm is definitely worth a visit if you’re looking for a pretty place to have a moment of peace.

For more details, visit their website.

Johnson’s Locust Hall Farm

Step back in time to a bygone era of agrarian simplicity and charm at this preserved 17th-century farm. 

Image of sunflowers at at JOHNSON’S
Locust Hall Farm

A visit to their sunflower field is like entering a magical garden! With a colorful array of different sunflowers to choose from, you’ll have the chance to create a one-of-a-kind autumn bouquet that reflects your personal style.

They take pride in planting a diverse mix of sunflowers, ensuring you’ll find plenty of different hues, sizes, and shapes to choose from. It’s a pick-your-own flower adventure unlike any other!

Their sunflower field is the perfect destination for a date day trip idea or a family outing.

The field is also ideal for selfies and group photos!

Liberty Farm Sunflower Maze

Beautiful sunflowers in liberty farm

Also known by the name Sussex county sunflower maze.

This is one of the largest sunflower fields on the East Coast, which boasts total of an estimated 1.5 million flowers each season.

You can imagine this farm’s beauty by just the thought of so many flowers altogether in one place.

The farm has an entry fee with a set rate for each individual belonging to a certain age group.

Children under 3 years of age are free.

Visitors can participate in several family activities like the scarecrow contest, safari tours, and even a scavenger hunt for children.

Von Thun Farms Sunflower Trail

Wide spread of Sunflower Farm in new jersey

Von Thun Farm is situated at 438 Route 57 West, Washington, New Jersey. Von Thun Sunflowers Trail is open for public viewing only at the peak blooming days of July to August.

Rates depend on the visitors’ age as well as the day of the week they are visiting.

Charges for weekends will be higher in comparison to when you visit it on the weekdays.

Visiting hours usually range from 10 am to 5 pm.

They always have Sunflowers for sale during peak season.

You can buy a single stem for 43 dollars; or 3 flower for $6

Happy Day Farm

Happy Day Farm with a Welcome Message

Happy Day farm is located at 77 Iron Ore Road, Manalapan, in central New Jersey.

The farm is open for visiting and appreciating their beautiful views until mid to late August.

Entry tickets are given at a set rate of $8 dollars per person.

Children under 2 years of age are free.

You can also purchase the sunflowers for around $2 per stem.

Johnson’s Corner Farm

Johnson’s Corner is a  beautiful sunflower field that is located at 133 Church Road, Medford, in the southern part of New Jersey.

Front view of Johnson’s Corner Farm

This immaculate farm offers many fun family activities.

But the most exciting is picking your own favorite flowers from the field.

Johnson’s Corner Farm sells their sunflowers for only 1 dollar per each stem!

This farm is open throughout the time period of the blooming sunflowers season.

Petersburg Sunflowers

Beautiful view of sunflower

This farm is located in South Jersey at 119 Old Tuckahoe Road, in Woodbine, NJ.

This private farm is owned by Donald Westergom.

Donald loves being hands-on and personally waters and cares for his sunflowers each year.

This is a great farm to take photos during peak blooming season.

You can buy sunflowers at a price as low as 50 cents.

Hill Creek Farms

Girls enjoying in beautiful sunflower farm

Located at 1631 State Highway 45, Mullica Hill is the wondrous Hill creek farm.

Please call 856-223-0028 for visiting hours.



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