Water Parks in NJ

Sahara Sam's Indoor Water Park in Southern NJ


Splish Splash Under the Sun!

Hmmm.. What to do on a blazing summer day to keep the kids engaged?
Bring them to a water park of course! Refer below for trusted and safe places in New Jersey that offer a variety of features for children of all ages that will keep them entertained and more importantly out of your hair! Lather them up in SPF and send them off the water-slide for a day of giggles and memorable times!

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For the Days Spent Inside

Be prepared for any type of weather thrown at you! We got you settled for a hot summer day, but for when the forecast is rain we have ideas that range all over New Jersey if you want to take a trip OR ones that you can do from home.
P.S. -- It won't break the bank! Head over to: Rainy Day Activities for more information.

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