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Our Mission

Fun New Jersey.com is making a conscious effort to become a top #1 reliable resource of the many wonderful things to do in the New Jersey Tri-state area. We are committed and dedicated to providing you with the most valid and up to date information in the State of NJ. Whether you are a first time visitor, or a long time New Jersey native, our goal is to expose all that the beautiful state of New Jersey has to offer, and deliver it to you, in a straightforward and professional manner. We feel that, by providing you with this valuable service, we will become a Credible resource that you can refer to with confidence, time and time again, in the future.


About Us

FunNewJersey.com was developed in October of 2003, with the intention of creating the most comprehensive guide to the many wonderful attractions in the New Jersey Tri-state area. One of our main goals is to help you find all the little, unknown cool places and events that would be otherwise hard to find on your own. Being avid travellers, we love to take day trips and find many new and different things to do in the area. We do realize that the whole state of NJ and the surrounding Tri-state area is an enormous one to cover. So in effect we are constantly adding attractions, improvements and new page content to the site everyday. It is our intention to help you find the many attractions that we list quickly, so that you can get out there to explore them and ultimately have fun in the great state of New Jersey. We have visited many of the attractions listed on our site and have recently begun our all new FunNewJersey.com Reviews section. Reviews will hopefully be a more accurate and fun way to measure the authenticity of an event and attraction. The reviews and opinions are done in house and are the sole opinions and reflections of our editorial staff. The opinions, photos and text descriptions contained herein are the sole property of FunNewJersey.com and cannot be reproduced under copyright law.


A Message to Our Visitors

We would like to truly thank you for your interest in FunNewJersey.com. We believe that communication is the foundation to a solid relationship on any level. We are dedicated to all of our visitors having an excellent experience on our site. We want to become your #1 resource for fun things to do in New Jersey. If you have any questions or comments on what you would like to see, or how we can improve your experience, please contact us through one of the mediums below. Good or bad, we want to hear it. We love feedback from our visitors! All correspondence will be replied to.



FunNewJersey.com is not responsible for any wrong or misleading information published on our website. Although we make every effort to update our listings and provide accurate information for the attractions listed on our website, it is virtually impossible to ensure 100% accuracy on all of the listings. We urge you to contact the attraction that you plan on visiting, for more accurate information before actually attending the event. FunNewJersey.com is not affiliated with the State of NJ in any way nor is it affiliated with the attractions published on our website.

FunNewJersey.com com cannot be held responsible for typographical errors, schedule changes, pricing, price changes, the accuracy of events' dates and times, reviews, or any other opinionated printed material on our website. Any inaccurate information listed on FunNewJersey.com, through the fault of our own or fault of our advertisers, is not the responsibility of FunNewJersey.com.


Copyright Protection

FunNewJersey.com and all of the information listed within this website are the sole property of FunNewJersey.com. All written copy and photographs are protected under copyright law and may not be reproduced or copied in any way without the permission of FunNewJersey.com.

Some reviews are done in house and are the sole opinions and reflections of our editorial staff. We are not responsible for editorial or journalistic opinions in any way. All opinions, content, and photos contained herein are the sole property of FunNewJersey.com and cannot be reproduced under copyright law.


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