Paintballing in NJ

Competitive and Fun Paintball Fields in NJ!

Get your adrenaline rushing with a competitive and heart-pounding game of paintball. Grab your best friends, a few extra layers of clothing (if you're afraid of the pain), and get ready for one of the most fun days of your life. You will play action-packed, thrilling games ranging from goal-oriented games to team versus team free-for-alls. Veterans and beginners alike are sure to enjoy these NJ paintball arenas and fields.

Grab your face mask because listed below is the most complete and up to date information about both indoor and outdoor paintball facilities, clubs, fields and organizations that are centralized around this unique and action-packed sport.

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More Extreme Fun in NJ

Some people prefer roller coasters, while others prefer shooting their friends with tiny balls made of paint. If you're interested in paintballing, you're probably a thrill-seeker. Keep your adrenaline rushing by checking out our list of some of the most extreme outdoor adventures in New Jersey.

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