Resort Hotels in NJ: Top Recommended Places to Stay

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New Jersey’s Finest Resort Hotels

New Jersey, also known as the “Garden State,” is home to a couple of luxury hotels.

No, NJ is not really known for its luxurious hotels, but it does have a few.

We are going to show you a couple right now that offer a high-degree luxury. These are truly some really nice comfy places to stay.

We have boutique hotels and we have resort hotels that really do have the power to make your stay a magical one.

We have resorts that will surround their guests with evergreen forests, gorgeous sandy beaches, or historical scenery.

Spend a day in bliss and make your stay in New Jersey memorable with these top 5 resort hotels for families and couples hoping to get away from the daily grind.

ICONA Diamond Beach Resort

Front view of Icona resort hotel in New Jersey

Home to the finest private beaches in New Jersey, the ICONA Diamond Beach Resort in Wildwood Crest NJ is an ideal top-rated beachfront resort.

Is it truly a resort hotel?

Well no not really, but it’s the Jersey Shore and it is what it is.

It’s one that we would recommend, however, if you are traveling to the southern tip of the state.

It’s also one of the few hotels open throughout the year.

ICONA positions itself both as a family holiday spot and as a romantic getaway spot for couples.

The privacy of this resort offers a stress-free escape from the real world.

The resort delights its guests with clean interiors, spacious suites, awesome restaurants, a bar, and a heated pool.

Imagine yourself sitting on the beach and being served a fresh cocktail and delicious bites.

Some normal and (offbeat) reasons why should stay at the ICONA Diamond Beach Resort

  • They have a good selection of different sized rooms
  • You have your own private beach
  • You can sip a margarita on your own private beach and have fun at the beach club
  • You could be making precious memories in one of the private balconies
  • Enjoy outdoor dining with breathtaking ambiances
  • And lastly, for dipping your body in any one of the outdoor pools!

Hyatt Regency Jersey City

Hyatt Regency Hotel front view

Hyatt Regency is a 3.5 to 4-star luxury hotel in North Jersey

The Hyatt Regency Jersey City offers its visitors VIP rooms, which include a choice of two beds or one king-sized unit.

As far as city resort hotels go in the Jersey City area, Hyatt Regency is one of the nicest in the area.

Another top area pick: Residence Inn by Marriott Jersey City. This hotel is right on top of the PATH which is in close proximity to Manhattan.

Back to the Hyatt Regency:

Amenities include an indoor swimming pool, a fitness gym, indoor dining, and meeting spaces to facilitate your small gatherings and official meetings.

Overall, it is a practical hotel choice situated directly on the Hudson River.

Why should you stay at the Hyatt Regency Jersey City?

  • The breathtaking views of the Hudon River
  • You will get a chance to sip cold beer from the mini-fridge 🙂
  • An impressive fitness center and indoor swimming
  • Diverse units with separate living areas
  • A family-friendly dining area
  • Pleasant meeting spots
  • Lastly, you are very close to the Big Apple

Caesars Atlantic City

Front view of Caesars Atlantic City Hotel

Caesars Atlantic City is a great choice for anyone looking to explore Atlantic City!

Ceasars is known for its Roman-style baths, peaceful dining spots, and cleanliness.

Here’s a fun fact you’re going to love:

The world-famous chef Gorden Ramsey owns the Gordan Ramsay Pub & Grill located at Casers.

This makes you want to go there at least once!

Doesn’t it?

Ok maybe, maybe not.

Why should consider staying at Caesars Atlantic City?

  • Spacious room units
  • Well-organized and beautiful dining areas
  • Heated swimming pools with separate bath areas
  • Extra-large Tribune Suits
  • Small meeting spots

The Water Club at Borgata, Atlantic City

Sunshine on the water club hotel at borgata

The Water Club boasts 800 large rooms, suites, and additional amnesties,

It is not perfect but it is a 4-star resort hotel down the Jersey Shore.

The hotel boasts private spas, heated swimming pools, sunrooms, larger bathing units, meeting areas, shops, restaurants, and much more.

The rooms include a spacious living room area with separate bedrooms and large bathroom spaces.

Extraordinary marbled floors enhance these rooms’ beauty and aesthetics.

Rooms come with an ocean view that can be enjoyed from inside and offers mesmerizing scenery – something you’ll keep in your memory forever!

Why should you consider staying at The Water Club at Borgata?

  • Complimentary wifi and HDTV
  • Gorgeous large rooms
  • On-site dining and shopping facilities
  • Private meeting spots and spas
  • Heated swimming pools

The Virginia Hotel

A front Angular view in the night

If you are looking for a romantic Jaunt in South Jersey, we recommend that you consider staying at The Virginia Hotel.

The Virginia Hotel was built in 1879, and it still stands tall in its Victorian charm until this day.

The lovely Inn is extraordinarily peaceful, very romantic, and clean.

It is in a perfect location as well and well suited to its visitors’ to explore historic Cape May and its beaches.

Relax at the beach, where you can lounge under umbrellas and tents to get some privacy.

Make sure you plan a getaway. We are certain that you will have a charming time

Its 24 rooms design makes it perfect for intimate and private trips.

Amenities include upgraded mattresses with comfortable bedding, an indoor spa, a fitness center, complimentary wifi, and complimentary HDTV.

Here are some reasons that you should consider staying at the Virginia Hotel.

  • To relax in a truly romantic and quiet atmosphere
  • For an intimate weekend getaway
  • For the beautiful aesthetics of the Inn and on every corner of beautiful Cape May
  • To enjoy the beautifully clean and luxurious  facilities
  • The impeccable and friendly service at the Hotel
  • To enjoy the sea and the beach

Wrapping Up

These are five lovely resort hotels for you to consider staying at in New Jersey.

Each place has its own unique perks.

Also, see the best bed and breakfasts in NJ.



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