Best Farmer’s Markets in NJ: Where to Get the Fresh Goods!

Best Farmers Markets in NJ

New Jersey is no stranger to the local agriculture scene.

Farming has been a way of life for many families in the garden state.

And thankfully so!

That means we get to enjoy the fruits of their labor!

Besides hitting up the many smaller farms in NJ to buy locally grown produce, residents can also congregate at one of the cool medium-to-larger-sized farmer’s markets that have gained popularity over the years.

New Jersey has always flourished with an abundance of unique roadside markets of all sizes.

Thankfully, when living in New Jersey, you don’t need to become a gardener to access fresh and organic food.

We are lucky to have such a diverse amount of local Farmer’s markets that push out fresh, organic, and healthy fruits and vegetables throughout the year.

Many local merchants also produce handmade commodities like fresh bread, canned sauces, jellies, honey, pasta, candles, Amish delicacies, furniture, and soap.

Farmer’s markets are very much needed in the fabric of our state to help keep us close to natural products where farmers can directly sell farm products directly to end-users.

Close up of box with vegetables in hands of mature man

Beneficial for both farmers and consumers, these markets allow framers to earn good (and much needed) money by selling products directly to the end consumers.

Farm products are accessible in their original and pure form because products available in such markets do not go through storage, processing, or any other treatment before they go into consumers’ hands.

New Jersey’s diverse agricultural commodities enable the state to be known as one of the largest fruit, vegetable, and nursery-stock producing states in the United States.

Each year New Jersey is a top producer of cranberries, blueberries, peaches, bell peppers, spinach, and tomatoes.

There is nothing quite like passing through one of New Jersey farmers’ markets during brisk spring and autumn mornings or during the warmer summer months.

So without further ado:

We would like to guide you as to how you can find these hidden gems and take advantage of all the hand-picked locally grown fruits, vegetables, honey, flowers, artisan meats, and other fun finds from local makers.

Columbus Farmers Market

Image of two ladies eating snacks at the Colunbus Farmers Market in Columbus NJ

This is one of the local favorites (Located in Columbus, New Jersey) that we are able to frequent because it is only about 30 minutes away from us.

You pretty much get a 4 for 1 deal here.

The Columbus Farmers Market is one of the largest flea markets in New Jersey where you get to carouse an amazing indoor market, an outdoor flea market, Produce Row, and an Amish market.

You can get everything under one roof here.

From fresh produce, fresh seafood, all different kinds of meats, baked goods, decorative items, accessories, clothing, flowers, plants, and much more.

One of the stars of the show for us is the Amish Market where you can shop Stoltzfus Bar-B-Que, Ben’s Meat Market, Dutch Pretzels, Riehl’s Deli & Subs and the Dutch Kitchen where you can pick up all different kinds of bulk dry foods, baked bread, pies, jellies, doughnuts, and just about anything for your baking needs!

And please do not miss some of the best pizza in all of NJ

Kate and Al’s Pizza.

Image of 4 slices of pizza from Kate and Al's Pizza at the Columbus Flea Market in Columbus NJ

Yes, it’s in our top 10 of the best pizza in NJ.

Princeton Farmers Market

Princeton Farmers Market is held in the Hinds plaza on select Thursdays from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm.

Please check their website to ensure the dates and times as they do change periodically.

At this lovely market, you will also find chutneys, mushrooms, assorted nuts, curries, soaps, farm-fresh meats, and much more in addition to local farm-fresh products.

Arrive early if you would like to join Yoga classes with Gemma Farrell.

Another feature of this market is the live entertainment that they provide from time to time with local musical groups and singers.

Historic Downtown Jersey City Farmers Market

The Historic Downtown Farmers Market runs on Mondays and Thursdays from May to December yearly, in the Grove Street PATH Plaza.

Customers can enjoy fruits and veggies from local farms along with baked goods and fresh-cut flowers.

With vendors like Bread and Spoon, Bang Cookies, How Sweet It Is, and Elements Truffles, the sweets’ selection is terrific.

Berlin Farmers Market

Berlin farmer market informational board

Berlin Farmers Market is both indoor as well as an outdoor market that is located at 41 Clementon Road, Berlin, NJ. 

The outdoor market opens on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays and offers fresh produce and over 700 vendor spaces selling food, farm fare, flea market finds, and more.

The indoor market opens from Thursday to Sunday.

You will find almost 70 indoor shops that are selling food, furniture, Amish goods, and more.

Stockton Farmers Market

This indoor farmer market is located at 19 Bridge St. in Stockton, NJ.

The market is held on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays during the warmer months

You’ll find nearly two dozen vendors, including Apple Ridge Farm.

Here you will find an abundance of lush green vegies and juicy red tomatoes.

You will also see impressive loaves of bread, and you will find some amazingly good vendors such as Curiosity Doughnuts, Metropolitan Seafood, Bonjour Creperie, and Storybrook Farm.

Ramsey Farmers Market

Ramsey Farmers Market is also both an indoor and outdoor market.

The indoor market is held on Sundays from December to March at the Eric Smith School.

Whereas, the outdoor market is held on Sundays from June-November at the Ramsey Main Street Train Station.

There are shops for fresh food and natural gifts from over 40 different indoor and outdoor vendors, including Spice It Up (spices), Southtown Farms (meat and eggs), Valley Shepherd Creamery (cheese, butter, yogurt), and Villa Milagro (wine).

Some notable Hungarian specialty shops to hit up are the HIRS Sausage Market where you can grab Hungarian smoked meats and The Krakus Deli where you can get authentic pierogies and stuffed cabbage.


You can also get chili, olive oils, jams, mustards, hot sauce, pies, and Mexican Cuisine!

It is important to note that all vendors are not available every week so please visit their website or call them for more information.

Trenton Farmers Market

Trenton Farmer Market Entrance Board and sign

Initially, the Trenton Farmers Market began as an outdoor market in 1948. But since has become an indoor market. 

It is held at 960 Spruce Street Lawrence Township.

Summer hours are Wednesday-Saturday 9-6 and Sunday 10-4.

The vendors here sell meat, cheese, seafood, fruits, vegetables, and baked goods.

Options include Cedarville Farms. The Pie’d Piper, Pulaski Meats, and The Amish Country Store.

Summit Farmers Market

Summit farmer’s market is located on DeForest Avenue & Maple Street. It is held on Sundays, from April 17 to November 20.

One will find half a dozen farmers on hand, along with other vendors selling prepared foods and gifts.

Lemonade, Boxwood Coffee, and Secret Garden Soap are available options. 

Denville Farmers Market

The Denville farmer market is held on Sundays in the warmer months, from May 1 to November 20 at Bloomfield Ave, parking lot in Downtown Denville.

Vendors include Circle Brook Farm, the Empanada Lady, Happy Harvest Hydroponics, Melick’s Town Farm, and Lazy Susan’s Granola.

Some New Rules for the New Jersey Farmer’s Markets

Due to Covid, there are some restrictions this year to help ensure safety. Some main points are given below:

  • One way traffic with one way in and & one way out.
  • Face masks, sanitizers, and other safety concerns are mandatory for visitors and farmers.
  • 6 feet markings are a must for every shop for maintaining a proper distance.
  • Preference will be given to credit cards instead of cash.
  • In most cases. drink & food samplings will not be allowed.
  • For the time being, only farm-fresh products will be allowed for selling.
  • Baked and prepared food is not allowed.
  • No live animals, including dogs, are allowed in the New Jersey farmer’s market this year.

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