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Beneficial Bead Building!

Not only are jewels vibrant and sparkly, but some are even believed to have holistic healing properties. Experts say that our bodies are naturally susceptible to the energy that certain gemstones, crystals, and beads radiate. Each one can improve your mental, emotional and spiritual aura in a different way and can help guide you to more positivity in life! Who couldn't use more of that?!

Many jewelry making studios hold workshops on energy beads and their customizable benefits, as well as BYOB nights and kid friendly classes or parties. So, the kids can be completely immersed and fascinated in making their very own trinkets, and you and the other parents can create invigorating and original body adornments from the heart!

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Innovative AND Delicious!

Directing your creativity to build something from your imagination can be very therapeutic. Our favorite makes your own activity here at is hands down, chocolate making! It's artsy, it?s fun, it?s delicious and we've laid out all our most esteemed chocolatiers just for you to try. Add one to your itinerary and tell us what you think!

For even more original creative outlets from within, take a peek at all the make your own options near you!

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