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199 Fun Romantic Date Ideas in NJ

At a loss of what to do or where to go? Not anymore! Never run out of great date ideas in NJ again! Whether it is your first date with someone you want to impress, or you want to remind your significant other how special they are to you, refer here whenever you need a unique date idea.

Romantic things to do on a date NJ

Let's start with the most romantic ideas of all

best things to do on a date - Denotes our in-house editorial choice top pics for an amazing romantic idea!

. Here is a really romantic date idea! Take a ferry from the Highlands to NYC and spend the night at the Mint House in the Wall Street area. Trust us, Just do it! Take the ferry from NJ to NYC


taking the ferry from NJ to NYC is a very romantic date idea

Go on a plane ride. Fly in a real Red Barron and do real maneuvers over the Jersey Shore! flying in a real airplane is a fun adventerous date idea

Image of a red barron airplane flying over the Jersey Shore showcasing a fun date idea in NJ

3. Spend a day on the bay and go sailing. This amazing attraction is an editorial favorite choice! Going sailing on the bay is one best things to do on a date down the shore in NJ

Sailing on the bay is one of the best romantic outdoor date ideas in NJ

4. The Farm Cooking School the farm cooking in Titusville offers some really fun high-end cooking classes Editorial choice as a great romantic thing to do in NJ

Taking cooking classes in NJ is a fun thing to do on a date

5. Stay overnight in Cape May, NJ. An overnight getaway in Cape is our top choice as one of the most romantic activities for couples in nj

Image of a beautiful Cape May marina with romantic colorful boats docked on the pier

6. Hit up the ShangHaii Jazz Club where you can eat, drink and listen to live Jazz. Pictured below is their homemade curry lamb meatballs in yellow coconut curry with lemongrass, ginger, and garlic. YUM!

Image of a bowl of curry lamb meatballs at the romantic Jazz club/restaurant in northern NJ

Pamper yourselves together at a local Day Spa.

Getting pampered at a local day spa is one of the more fun things for couples to do

Spend some time together and learn how to make your own wine at one of New Jersey's fantastic wineries.

making your own wine is an extremely romantic couples activity.

Surprise someone with the gift of wine

Here is a great quick gift idea for your partner! Shop unique affordable Wines!

ordering wine for your partner is a romantic gift idea

You must do this next idea below:

9. Go out to dinner together. But don't just go to any restaurant. Check out our hand-picked list of the most romantic restaurants in NJ. There are definitely quite a few that you've never tried.

Romantic restaurant date ideas for couples

10. A date to see an upcoming concert in NJ.

11. Surprise your loved one with an amorous horse-drawn carriage ride.

Hit up a secluded beach in NJ that you have never been to. May we suggest Sea Girt or Sunset Beach. Or if you have the nerve, hit a nude beach!

Here is a romantic gift idea

Turn your photos into pop art! Or how about Imagine your favorite photo in sketch, watercolor or oil painting!

pop art from photos at myDaVinci.com

13. Visit a beautiful lavender farm and take pictures of each other with a lavender field backdrop.

14. A date to a dinner Theatre in Cape May.

15. A date to see a play at your local theatre.

16. When is the last time you've necked, ate popcorn, and swallowed some fireball shots together at a drive-in movie theater? Tonight could be that night!

Go to a drive in movie theater in NJ

Go to a unique coffee shop that you have never been together and make a day trip out of it. We highly recommend The Local Market and Kitchen in LBI. You can then spend the rest of the day on the island.

Visit a romantic coffee shop in NJ

18. Go apple picking and then come home and bake a pie.

19. Rent a cabin down the shore in Ocean View then hit up Sea Isle City in the morning. 

What are the best things to do on a date in NJ? In our opinion, going to a romantic waterfront restaurant down the Jersey Shore. Going to a New Jersey winery to make your own wine. Taking a ferry from the Highlands to New York City. Taking an interactive cooking class together and visiting Cape May NJ are the best date ideas in NJ.

Adventurous Date Ideas

A date to go tubing on the Delaware River. Go tubing on the Delaware river

21. Go explore High Point State Park in Sussex and witness the most beautiful breathtaking views you have ever seen.

22. A date to see men joust on horses while you eat dinner. (Now that's romantic!).

23. Go canoeing together.

24. Here are some awesome places to go Kayaking in NJ. You do not need your own kayak as you can rent them on site.

This next one is a must-do!

Rent a private Charter boat to go fishing together and cook and eat what you catch.

26. An overnight expedition to go camping together.

27. When is the last time you have gone horseback riding together?

28. Romance is in the air. Take her/him on a one-of-a-kind hot air balloon ride.

29. Spend the day up in the air and go parasailing together.

30. A date to go Skiing together.

31. A date to take a helicopter ride together.

32. Head out to one of New Jersey's marinas and go on a boating expedition.

Check out one of NJ's exhilarating Auto race tracks!

34. How about a rendezvous at a fun local zoo.

35. A date to go water skiing.

36. Head to the skies and go skydiving.

37. A date to go on a hiking trip together.

38. A whitewater rafting date.

39. Drive a real race car at New Jersey Motorsports.

Insanely Unique Romantic Date Ideas

A date to get away for the night and stay on a pig farm.

41. A date to take a day trip to an unusual off-the-beaten-path attraction.

42. A Pirate Voyage just may be what you two need! 

Romantic Tours to Take in NJ

43. A date to take a romantic walking tour of Princeton NJ.

44. Take a tour of the Flying Fish Brewing company.

45. Go way back in time and go on a Pioneer Coal Mine and Steam Train excursion.

46. How about a Ghost Tour of Ocean City.

47. Definitely check out these walking tours of Asbury Park.

48. Go on a cruise in Atlantic City.

49. You will both love one of the South Jersey Wine and Beer Tours.

50. You will both love touring and visiting this unique distillery in Asbury Park.

51. Here are some more haunted ghost tours to check out. 

Here is a great Tour to take in NYC

Go on a romantic Tour of Central Park and learn about all of the TV & movie sites that were filmed at the park!

Take her or him on a romantic date in Central Park in NYC

Other amazing tours in New York City include the Sopranos Sites Tour, the Sex and the City Tourand MRS. MAISEL'S MARVELOUS TOUR OF NEW YORK CITY!.

Luxurious Romantic Date Ideas

52. Absolutely go to Qua Baths and Spa at Caesars in Atlantic City.

53. A date at a high-class cocktail lounge or restaurant.

54. A date to stay in a Romantic Bed and Breakfast together.

55. Get lost together at a secluded resort hotel together.

56. A date to play a round of golf at a luxurious golf course.

57. A romantic dinner date at a four-star restaurant.

58. A date to get romantic massages together.

Cultural Date Ideas

A date at a local museum.

60. A day trip to a local winery for wine tasting.

61. A date to a free Art Museum in Princeton, NJ.

62. If you love fresh produce and artisanal foods, why not hit up one of New Jersey's local farmers' markets.

63. A date to paint your own pottery together.

64. A date to a local art gallery or art museum.

65. A date to take Dancing lessons together.

66. A romantic date to tour a local historic attraction.

67. A date to visit a prison museum together. 

Here are More Really Fun Things to do on a Date 

What are the absolute best romantic date ideas? Overnight getaways to a B&B or a luxury resort hotel and eating at a fine romantic restaurant are always the best date ideas. 

Do you need a date tonight?

Try eHarmony for free! Trusts us, you don't want to mess around with dating sites that are not legit. PS Video dating has finally arrived on eHarmony! It's fun and safe to get to know each other.

Image of the eHarmony dating site

An evening date to make beaded Jewelry together.

69. A date to pick fruit together at a local orchard.

70. A date to go Ice Skating together.

71. How about a sporting event? A date to go to a baseball game, football game, hockey, or a Basketball game.

72. A date at the local dog park.

73. A date to learn to scuba dive together.

74. A date to ride a romantic Ferris wheel together.

75. A romantic afternoon walk or picnic at a park.

76. A date to go out and watch a movie.

77. A date at the archery range to shoot arrows together.

78. A date to explore a lost Cavern or mine together.

79. A date to see real wolves together up close and personal.

80. A date to play Paintball together.

81. A date to go on a sightseeing cruise.

82. A date to go Whale watching.

83. A date to rent Jet skis and go Jet skiing together.

84. Have a sandcastle building competition together at the beach. The loser buys lunch.

85. A date to a cool shore town that you have never visited.

86. A date to an aquarium.

87. A date to go on a dinner cruise.

88. A date to learn surfing together at the beach.

89. A date to go on a spontaneous weekend getaway.

90. A date to rent a limo and drive to nowhere.

91. A date to buy cheap used cd's together.

92 A date to the planetarium or science center

93. A date to go hunting together.

94. Go on an intimate excursion to an off the beaten path town. One that neither of you has ever been before.

95. A date to go to a waterpark together

96. A date to a nightclub or dance club

97. A date to take an exotic dance class together.

98. A date to play laser tag together.

99. A date to a rock concert at a classic NJ venue like the Stone Pony or the Starland Ballroom.

100. Hit the road and go on a brand new interesting day trip together.

102. A creative date to a BYOB art class in NJ.

103. A date to a local amusement park to ride roller coasters.

104. Take a trip to the Atlantic City Boardwalk and jump into a casino to learn a new game together.

105. A date to the horse-racing track.

106. A date to a small town with cool shops.

107. A cute date idea would be to go to an arcade to play games together.

108. A go-kart riding. There are two really cool tracks. One in Ocean City and one in Keansburg.

109. Make an appointment to scuba dive a real shipwreck.

110. Go on a rock-climbing excursion.

111. A pleasurable activity would be to hot up a local college campus together. We're talking about the magnificent Princeton University.

112. A fun outdoor date idea would be to go swimming in a natural lake or even better yet a swimming hole.

113. A date to go target shooting or a shooting range together.

114. A date to a sporting event.

115. An overnight date to a Hotel that you would normally never go to.

116. A date to go ice fishing at Swartswood State park (at your own discretion).

117. Take your spouse to a batting cage and hit some balls together.

118. A date to view the stars together through a huge telescope.

119. It's less expensive and it's totally fun to watch a local college sports team play.

120. Play miniature golf somewhere that you have never been before.

121. Here is something to do for couples when it gets steamy outside. Hit up a fun waterpark in NJ.

122. Have you ever been to a boxing or wrestling match? It's an exciting experience.

123. Go to a cool local farm and buy produce and honey.

124. Take a trip to New Brunswick, NJ. Go to the Heldridge for a drink, Deltas Restaurant for some outstanding soul food, and then Clydes for a nightcap. Trust us, you'll have fun!

125. A date to a classic car show.

126. A date to a really cool flea market.

127. How about a romantic cooking lesson together. This is a fun date idea for teenage couples.

128. A date to see a local band.

129. A date to visit one of New Jersey's Boardwalks.

130. An overnight getaway to a very romantic Hotel and Spa.

131. A date to go moonlight bowling.

132. A date to do something cool and unusual.

133. Go out for the evening and make your own mozzarella.

134. Go together and enjoy an olive oil and balsamic making vinegar class where you can design your own labels and bottle your own oil and vinegar!

135. A date to visit FunNewJersey.com to find a hundred more great date ideas!

136. Spend a day in Little Edison and explore Indian Culture.

137. Take a trip to Deep Cut Gardens in Middletown, NJ to experience the most beautiful gardens inspired by actual gardens in Italy.

138. Have you ever been to a Sunflower Farm together? If not, now is your chance. The photographic opportunities are amazingly terrific! This is a really cute date idea!

139. Visit an Alpaca Farm and hold one of these gentle beautiful giants.

140. Here are 16 craft breweries to get your swag on.

Here are some cool things to do on a date just outside of New Jersey

141. A date to go to a new and wacky bar in NY Together.

142. A date to a wax museum.

143. A date to see a Broadway show together.

144. A date to go to New York together.

145. A date to take a very romantic walking tour in NY.

146. Visit the Lost River Caverns in Hellertown, PA.

147. A date to go see a Jazz band in the city.

148. A date to go to a new and wacky bar in NY Together.

149. A date to a romantic outdoor restaurant in NYC.

150. Take him/her to Parx Casino.

151. A date to take a day trip to New Hope in Bucks County PA. See over 65more interesting day trips in PA.

152. A romantic dog sledding date.

153. A date to visit Amish Country in PA.

OK, so we know this next idea is far, but trust us, you'll want to do this one!

154. A bobsledding experience will be a relationship game-changer. It is something the both of you will never forget. This is one of the most adventurous things to do with your boyfriend (or girlfriend)!

The following ideas are more general and can be done locally in your area at any time

If you love the outdoors and nature, why not consider spending the day bird watching in the wild or at a sanctuary.

156. A date to the pet store to pick out a pet together.

157. A date at the first place you ever went out together.

158. A date to go shopping for new clothes together.

159. A date to the local gym to exercise together or to join together.

160. A date to a tanning salon together.

161. A date to pick wildflowers together.

162. Tye dye some clothes together.

163. Color Easter eggs. Even if it's not Easter!

164. Have a pumping carving contest. Even if it's not Halloween.

165. A date to go on an afternoon sightseeing drive together.

165. A date to local garage sales to go treasure hunting.

166. A date to an old cemetery.

167. A date to have ice-cream together.

168. A date to a local antique shop.

169. A date to a karaoke bar for some duet singing.

170. A rollerblading or roller skating date downtown or at a nearby park.

171. A date to tour new homes together. Check out condos on the beach for fun!

172. Here is an amazing romantic date night idea. Order Chinese, dim the lights, and read books by candlelight after dinner.

173. A date to paint a portrait or take pictures of each other.

174. A date to the supermarket and then back home to cook together.

175. A date to wash your cars together (be creative with the foam).

176. A date to put on candlelight and write poems for each other.

177. A date to roast marshmallows over a campfire.

178. A date to Newark Airport to watch planes take off together.

179. A date to park your car and star watch together.

180. Put a big blanket on the floor in an area in your home that you have never sat before and play a board game together.

181. A date to bake cookies and watch a scary movie at midnight.

182. A date to wash each other's hair and then give back rubs to each other.

183. A date to your local bookstore to pick out a surprise book for each other.

184. A date to have a shaving cream fight and pillow fight.

185. Go bike riding.

186. Go to the supermarket and get TV dinners and eat them while watching horror movies.

187. Get some modeling clay and mold animals.

188. Get some modeling clay and mold animals.

189. Buy some paints and canvases and Paint each other. Better yet get body paints and paint each other.

190. Play a trivia game together.

191. Find a recipe that neither of you has ever made before and cook dinner together.

192. Make fresh pasta and fresh spaghetti sauce and eat dinner with a bottle of wine and light Italian music playing in the background.

193. Go get manicures and pedicures together.

195. Go to the crafts store and pick out cool stuff to make your own board game.

196. Make an indoor tent and camp out on the floor.

197. Write a poem.

198. Play a trivia game together.

199. Make chocolate cupcakes. 

We hope you enjoyed our list of fun date ideas

FunNewJersey.com is committed to helping you find the coolest date ideas in NJ and surrounding areas.

If you're looking for things to do on a date in NJ, we hope you refer to this page time and time again in the future.

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