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The Ultimate Collection of Outdoor Adventures & Activities in NJ | Things to Do Outdoors

NJ is a living "Choose Your Own Adventure" book. There are countless paths to take whether you want to take a dirt trail up a mountain or ride the waves of the salty Atlantic. And you're not the only one who loves all that the state has to offer. On your trip, you'll run into ecosystems and animals of different kinds whether on purpose or not. Don't take for granted all of the great things to do outdoors in our wide-open spaces. To get started, simply choose an adventure to explore from below! flexoffers


Ideas of Things to Do Outdoors that Are Free!

All right so we have plenty of ideas listed above of things to do outdoors in New Jersey by visiting our attractions, local parks, and the many fine services that offer outdoor activities.

But below we've come up with some cool ideas thinking outside the box. Most of these actually can be considered free. It's the free things in life that are beautiful. People worry about having a nice car or looking really good on the boogie board. But what is really important, is right around us.

Let's start with the beautiful air that we breathe. It doesn't cost us anything, but most people don't really think about that and realize it. We hope you enjoy this random list of things to do outdoors that are easy to do. 

Flower picking

Take a telescope to the sky

Finally, watch real sunset

Read a book on a bench in your downtown

Find Creek nearby and bring a blanket

Go to a town you've never been to and people watch

Go to a stream with some paint and paint a special rock

Have a picnic somewhere outdoors where you've never had one before

Take a jog at six in the morning

Go to one of our many fine towns and just window shop

Take a walk around the block

Find a natural watering hole or lake and go swimming

Stay up late and watch the moon revolve

Take photos of your dog at the park

Take a ride on the bike with the kids

Learn to skateboard

Go fishing in a local pond

Skim rocks on a pond or lake

Go visit a beach off-season

Drive around a different neighborhood

Go camping in your backyard

Going on an outdoor photography adventure

Fly a kite at the beach

Take the kids to a new playground

Find a natural spring near you and taste the water

Feed the ducks at the park

Read a book under a shady tree

Play a fun sport like wiffleball or soccer with kids outdoors

Search for shells at the beach

Search for pinecones and do crafts with the kids

Go hiking in a park you've never been to

Find somewhere remote and bring your journal

Collect leaves and make a scrapbook

Take a walk on the boardwalk

Take the kids outside and draw on the sidewalk with chalk

Take the kids to the park and have a scavenger hunt

Catch fireflies with kids

Roast s'mores

Take photos of your friends or pets in places you've never been

Try to do yoga outdoors

Barbecue at the park

Watch a Little League baseball game

Birdwatch from wherever you can (even your backyard)

Go on a mission to help a stranger in need

Walk the River Canal in Princeton

Eat lunch outdoor in a random place


For Rainy Days

If the weather put a damper on your plans, you can always change them. NJ is home to over 182 rainy day activities to check out. Whether you're 5 or 95, there is a place for you to spend a dismal day besides home.

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