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There are numerous beaches up and down the New Jersey Coast, but finding one with the boardwalk of your dreams may be a challenge, especially if you are not from the state. Use the NJ boardwalk guide to find the best attractions for your family.

Seaside Heights NJ Boardwalk Guide
Seaside Heights Boardwalk NJ
As one of the most well-known boardwalks in NJ, Seaside Heights has countless fun things for everyone to do. Whether you are a thrill seeker who loves roller coasters or a foodie looking for the best boardwalk food in the state, you are sure to find it here. Click here to see the Seaside Heights Boardwalk guide.

Boardwalk in Keansburg NJ
Keansburg Boardwalk
Although Keansburg Boardwalk is not the largest in NJ, it still has a lot to offer visitors. Kids will love visiting the amusement park where they can ride tea cup-like rides and play boardwalk games, while parents will enjoy the beach and small town atmosphere. See the guide to the Keansburg Boardwalk here.

Boardwalk in Atlantic City NJ
Atlantic City Boardwalk
People from around the country make their way to the Atlantic City NJ boardwalk because they know they are certain to have a good time. Whether you are seeking a delicious dinner out, or a show performed by a celebrity, there is always something going on. See our guide to the Atlantic City Boardwalk.

Ocean City NJ Boardwalk
Ocean City Boardwalk
The boardwalk in Ocean City, NJ is a great place to bring the kids for a day of summer fun and activity. Since Ocean City is a dry town, kids are definitely the focus. You will find numerous fun kid’s attractions on this boardwalk! See the best attractions on the Ocean City Boardwalk.

Wildwood NJ Boardwalk
Wildwoods Boardwalk
The Wildwoods Boardwalk is a go-to destination for both NJ residents and tourists, and definitely a place to visit if you have children. As the home of Morey’s Pier, this boardwalk always has something fun and exciting happening. Click here to see the Wildwoods NJ Boardwalk guide.

Point Pleasant Beach NJ Boardwalk
Pleasant Beach Boardwalk
Known by NJ residents as one of the best locations for summer fun, Point Pleasant's boardwalk certainly has something for everyone. Kids will love the aquarium and boardwalk games while those 21 and up will love the nightlife. See our guide to the Point Pleasant NJ Boardwalk.

Asbury Park NJ Boardwalk Guide
Asbury Park Boardwalk
Having made a revival after Superstorm Sandy, the Asbury Park NJ boardwalk is a great place to spend the day with the family. Here you will find fun kid’s attractions and a great music scene, making everyone in the family happy. Click here to see the Asbury Park NJ Boardwalk guide.

NJ Towns with Small Boardwalks
Towns with Small Boardwalks
There are quite a few towns along the NJ Coast that feature smaller boardwalks. While these towns do not have all of the fun and excitement that larger boardwalks have, they certainly have their own unique charm. Click here to see the towns in NJ with smaller Boardwalks.

Boardwalk in Coney Island NY
Coney Island NY Boardwalk Guide
As a summer destination that generations of families have enjoyed, the Coney Island Boardwalk is rich with history, fun and good memories. Although names of attractions may have changed, the heart and soul of the boardwalk has always remained. Take a trip to the Coney Island Boardwalk.


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