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We'll show you the New Jersey Shore like you have never seen it before!

Photo by Daniel Beards

Seaside Heights Boardwalk NJ
The seediest Boardwalk in all of NJ is the most fun of them all too! Let us show you the Seaside Heights Boardwalk like you have never seen it before. An absolute must visit if you have never been. An old world all time classic. For a great seedy Old-time, down home, grungy atmosphere, we pick the Seaside Heights Boardwalk as the best in all of NJ! Click here to see the Seaside Heights Boardwalk guide.

Keansburg Boardwalk
Running a close second in the seedy department is Keansburg NJ. Although not an official boardwalk, it has that awesome NJ boardwalk feel. It is regarded locally as a boardwalk town, boasting America's oldest shoreside amusement rides dating back to the 1920's! This is the coolest people watching area in NJ. The historic antique games and rides must be seen to be believed. I love this place! Click here to see the Keansburg Boardwalk guide.

Atlantic City Boardwalk
Atlantic City is the City that is "Always Turned on". Fine restaurants, Casino gaming and luxury Hotels make Atlantic City the place to be. See our unique guide to find fun and romance on the Atlantic City Boardwalk in NJ! Click here to see the Atlantic City Boardwalk guide.

Ocean City Boardwalk
Billed as "Americas greatest Family resort" Ocean City doesn't disappoint with two Boardwalk Amusement parks (Playland's Castaway cove and Gillians Wonderland Pier) great restaurants and really cool shops. A great family vacation for kids and adults alike. Click here to see the Ocean City Boardwalk guide.

Wildwoods Boardwalk
Morey's Peir and beach shown at night here to the left. The Wildwood boardwalk is probably the best in all of NJ for rides. If you have kids and want to hit up one of the best boardwalks in NJ, then the Wildwoods is a sure bet! Click here to see the Wildwood NJ Boardwalk guide.

Photo by Daniel Beards

Point Pleasant Beach Boardwalk
Another top destination in NJ is Point Pleasant Beach. The Boardwalk is very clean and is geared towards kids. Point Pleasant is also loaded with cool bars and restaurants making it a terrific vacation for all ages, but it is still your best bet if you have kids. Click here to see the Point Pleasant NJ Boardwalk guide.

Asbury Park Boardwalk
Asbury Park used to be one of the best boardwalk seaside resort towns in NJ. It flourished from the late 1800s until the 1960s. In the 1970s, race riots due to segregation and lack of opportunity for the city's large black community, caused many residents and businesses to move out of the town. The boardwalk in Asbury Park is in the process of revitalization and has recently been connected to the neighboring town of Ocean Grove, NJ. Click here to see the Asbury Park NJ Boardwalk guide.

Towns with small Boardwalks
See our complete list of all the towns in NJ with smaller Boardwalks. There are a bunch of other towns in NJ with Boardwalks. Most of these are smaller or have no Amusement rides, but they are very nice to visit and take a nice long relaxing walk on. Click here to see the towns in NJ with smaller Boardwalks.

Coney Island NY Boardwalk guide
Although not in New Jersey, we have included one of the most famous boardwalks of all time. The Coney Island Boardwalk and beach is home to Astroland Amusement park and the world famous Cyclone roller coaster! Pictured here is a crowded Coney Island Beach during the Nathan's Hot dog eating contest in 2006. Police reported that nearly 50,000 people attended the event in Coney Island. Click here to see the Coney Island Boardwalk guide.



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