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Top Children’s Cooking Classes to Consider in NJ

If your little one is showing an interest in cooking shows, culinary activities, or just wants to learn how to bake their favorite cupcakes, there are many different options throughout the state to help them learn more about their new passion!
We are going to explore four fantastic opportunities for children’s cooking classes throughout the state so that you can help your child get started on becoming the next top chef!

Chef It Up Kids and Chef It Up Kids 2 Go

Image of a young lady chef with a whisk in one hand and a ladle in the other at a cooking class at
Chef It Up is a great place to go if you are looking to host a cooking class for your child’s birthday party, troop excursion, and even field trips!

Not only can you take the kids to a fun-filled day of cooking, but you can also bring the fun to your home.

Chef It Up 2 Go is the traveling team of Chef It Up that brings all of the same enjoyment to an at-home cooking party.

The best part about Chef It Up and Chef It Up 2 Go is that they are interactive events that provide a great deal of fun and enrichment.

One of Chef It Up’s best features is that they are a complete tree nut and peanut-free operation, meaning you do not have to worry about your children or their friends being put into a potentially dangerous situation.

At the moment, they are offering their usual in-person and on-location classes with safety guidelines related to Covid-19 safety measures.

In addition to finding ways to create fun learning experiences for your kids in a hands-on environment, they are also offering virtual classes for those who are more comfortable observing and learning from home.

Chef IT UP was an idea created by Lisa Tirone in 2003.

Image of a child and instructor making start shaped biscuits in a cooking class in NJ

She wanted to make a fun and friendly party spot to host cooking events and fundraisers.

Guests are taught and empowered to prepare their very own meals right up to the very last step.

Then the staff bakes it so that you and your party can enjoy all of the delicious treats that you just created.

There are several party packages and cooking classes to choose from.

Chef It Up 2 Go is another concept created by the company’s founder that brings the cooking to you!

Traveling teams get all of the necessary supplies to help you enjoy all of the same cooking fun for events, parties, and other meetings.

All you need to do is supply the tables, chairs, and of course, the chefs!

Chef It Up’s traveling team will help you little chefs mix, roll, measure, and comprehensively prepare their food right until it is time to put it in the oven.

If you can’t bake the finished products on-premise – no big deal! Chef It Up will help you pack it up to finish at home, complete with a full set of instructions.

Ridgewood Culinary Studio

Image of a young boy and girl making a pie at Ridgewood Culinary School in NJ

For over twelve years, the Ridgewood Culinary Studio has helped kids design and enhance their cooking skills and passion for creating fun and exciting dishes!

They offer classes for children aged three years old and up, most of which are made up of 6 weekly classes that last for one hour each.

During these hands-on events, your child will learn how to prepare, cook, and of course, eat the delicious creations that they made in class.

These classes are drop-off only, which means you can run an errand or two while your kids learn a fun new skill!

Aside from children’s cooking classes, the Ridgewood Culinary Studio provides culinary parties for children – perfect for birthdays!

These hands-on parties will have your kids and their friends mixing, measuring, and serving their very own dishes.

Your children and their friends will also get to design their own apron or culinary craft depending on which theme they choose for their party.

You won’t have to worry about sharing any attention or facilities as these parties are catered only one at a time. They offer many different themes for parties, including:

  • A Basic Cooking Class
  • Cupcake Wars
  • Iron Chef Kids
  • Dinner and A Movie Party
  • Let’s Get Chinese Takeout Party
  • Mexican Fiesta Party
  • Rise and Shine Party
  • Cake Decorating Party
  • Sleep Under Party
  • American Doll Tea Party
  • Pizza Pizzaz Party
  • And A Pasta Party!

Each party ranges from 1 ½ to 2 hours and includes admission for ten guests:

Whether your party is learning how to cook pizza, make homemade pasta, or breaking into teams to create the best cupcakes, your kids are sure to enjoy every minute of this interactive experience!

Image of homemade fettuccine pasta made at the Ridgewood Culinary Studio in NJ  

If your child is looking to expand their knowledge of cooking and wants to spend more time learning the craft, the Ridgewood Culinary Studio has a summer camp!

Your top chef will spend some extra time in the kitchen to learn how to make all of the yummiest treats! The camp sessions run for two hours each day, four days a week, and are designed for campers between the ages of 6 and 14.

Your kids are sure to enjoy all of the hands-on learning and delicious food that they get to eat at the end of their party, class, or camp sessions!

The Farm Cooking School

Image of the ingredients for Mole Poblano at The Farm Cooking School located at 67 Pleasant Valley Road, Titusville, NJ 08560
Mole Mexicano, Poblano mole ingredients, Mexican spicy food traditional in Mexico

The Farm Cooking School was created by Ian Knauer and Shelley Wiseman.

Together, they wanted to create a safe space in which cooks of all levels of experience could come together to learn more about cooking and enjoying great food while participating more in their community.

Classes and recipes are centered around the produce provided by Roots to River’s main fields.

They supply high-quality produce that specializes in heirloom varieties, flowers, and herbs.

Image of heirloom vegetables at the Farm Cooking School
Basket with a variety of baby carrots and tomatoes, including Cherry, Heirloom, and Zebra.

This partnership between the cooking class and the farm shows kids a genuine connection between local and seasonal eating.

The Farm Cooking School has many different options for those looking to learn how to cook.

They have classes, private events, Live one-on-one kitchen coaching sessions, live-streamed courses, and even books and an online store for those looking to expand their knowledge.

Kids can learn how to cook at a class on their own, or with the help of an adult depending on their level of comfort in the kitchen.

The cooking classes at the Farm Cooking School are suitable for those who have never cooked, as well as future top chefs!

Whether it’s a private event, class, or summer camp session, your child is sure to enjoy all of the new things that they get to learn.

Classes are broken down into different themes such as bread making, cheese making, Mexican dishes, learning how to make your own pasta, and even virtual kids’ classes.

If you are looking to host a private event, you can choose from group classes, corporate team-building exercises, and even private parties hosted at home or another venue.

Those preferring to take online courses can take a live, guided class with one of the instructors.

There are no on-demand options, but that is to maintain the same live, hands-on experience.

There are many guest chefs that visit the school to help bring their own level of experience, expertise, and flair to those looking to learn more about the art of cooking.

The Farm Offers Cooking Classes for Adults as well!

For parents who would like to expand their own culinary adventure, there are plenty of adult classes!

And if you are a bit more of an adventurous type, The Farm Cooking School has international trips to exotic locations such as Thailand, Mexico, and France to give you a fully immersive and utterly hands-on experience while traveling to some of the most delicious destinations throughout the world.

Sweet Samantha Custom Cake Design, Private Parties, and Classes

Image of a cupcake made at the Sweet Samantha custom cake design class

How cool would it be for you or your kids to learn how to bake beautiful cakes or bake any number of delicious treats from someone who has competed on the Food Network?

Well, Samantha of Sweet Samantha is just that!

Seeing is believing, and you have to visit her site to see just how incredible her creations can be!

Whether it’s a gorgeous wedding cake or a cake shaped like a Louis Vuitton handbag, you will be blown away.

Sam’s classes include many amazing baked treats that you can learn more about.

Her classes currently include many holiday baked goods, including gingerbread cupcakes, gingerbread cookies, royal icing, brownie cookies, Italian cookies, sugar cookies, and so many more!

Kids can learn how to create yummy after school snack that they (and you, of course) can munch on before or after dinner.

Classes are about 45 minutes long are great for kids of all ages:

You can watch as your child delights their creative spark and learns more about something they are truly passionate about!

Choose One or Try Them All!

Each of these kid’s cooking class options offers a fantastic opportunity for your child to learn more about a topic and skill that truly interests them.

They will have the chance to hone their craft and explore their passions while learning from experienced chefs and bakers throughout the state.

Feel free to try one of your favorites or give them all a spin!

See other cooking classes in NJ.



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