Best Unknown Camping Spots In New Jersey

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Camping In New Jersey: Where To Go?

Camping is undoubtedly one of the most favorite outdoor activities and adventure trips amongst Americans. There are many campsites scattered across different states in the US where you can even hike, fish, kayak, or bike on a weekend on any other day.

If you live in New Jersey, you most definitely would have heard about the many popular campsites in the region. Dive into the world of adventure and camping in New Jersey, where you can experience the great outdoors at the best camping spots in the state.

Kittatinny Valley State Park, NJ

Located in the north of New Jersey, surrounded by Kittatinny mountains, Kittatinny Valley is a family-friendly location that is ideal for a family weekend getaway, especially during dates like memorial day.

You can choose from a wide variety of activities to do, including hiking in excellent hiking trails, trout fishing, and mountain biking. The spot also has a variety of wildlife that you can spot while walking through dense forests on a weekend or a special day like memorial day.

Appalachian Trail- Designated Backpacker Campsite 2, NJ

The Appalachian Trail is a dispersed campsite located in Worthington State Forest. It’s a very spacious site where you can even discover secluded spots if you require some privacy in your RV on a weekend or a day like labor day. 

A 19-mile stretch of this trail runs through Wayawanda camp spot. The Appalachian Trail is perfect for all types of adventure lovers, including hikers, bikers, swimmers, and boaters.

High Point State Park, NJ 

High Point, located in Sussex, offers stunning views of the entire region because it’s the highest point in New Jersey.

It’s home to rare species of plants and animals, making it a unique location for nature lovers. The area consists of cabins, two group campsites, and about 50 family campsites. 

Turkey Swamp Park, NJ 

This scenic park located in Centreal NJ offers tent and trailer camping, as well as hiking and fishing opportunities.

Baker’s Acres, Little Egg Harbor, NJ

Baker’s Acres at Little Egg Harbor is your choice if you are opting for a variety of accommodation options for primitive rent campsites, cabin rentals, and many other types of rental facilities.

There are plenty of weekend activities to enjoy here, such as swimming in the pool, playing volleyball, or simply having fun at the playground. You can even enjoy your time there on special days like labor day.

Abbot Sawmill, NJ

Abbot Sawmill is an unknown and unique camping site located in Hammonton, New Jersey. The area consists of tent sites, standard RV sites, cabin campsites, dispersed New Jersey camping sites, and group camping sites.

You can experience a wide variety of activities, from swimming to hiking in excellent hiking trails, biking, and many more, during your time spent at Abbot Sawmill. It’s a picturesque camping site with stunning views of the surrounding region.

Allaire State Park, NJ

Located in Farmingdale, Central New Jersey, Allaire has a solid historical background. The area consists of several relics of historic importance.

It has 45 campsites and also several yurts where you can gain a unique New Jersey camping experience on a special weekend.

Yurts are hybrid structures that feature characteristics of cabins and tent camping. At this campsite, you can enjoy fishing or kayaking in the Manasquan River or go back in history at the Allaire Village.

The place is closed from December 2023 until March 2024. Therefore, ensure you don’t plan your camping trip to this campsite during this period. 

Lake Kandle, NJ

Lake Kandle campsite is strictly reserved for motorhomes, RVs, and pop-up campers. Tents are not allowed at this campsite, so it’s not the place for tent campers.. You also cannot set up a tent even on a rented RV campsite.

Due to the prohibition of tent camping and limitation to 6 persons camping, Lake Kandle 

Ocean View Resort Campground, Ocean View, NJ

Ocean View Resort is a unique campsite with a freshwater lake located in Ocean View, New Jersey. The campsite has been in existence since 1960.

The campground has all amenities, including a swimming pool, fishing spots, a boating area, a cafe, laundry facilities, and outdoor courts for different sports. It’s a property where you can experience camping at its best on a weekend.

Buena Vista Campground, Buena, NJ

Buena Vista Campground is a budget-friendly campsite located in Buena, New Jersey. It’s an area rich in wildlife, flora, and fauna, which makes for an ideal campsite.

Some of the more popular attractions to explore in the area include Winslow Fish and Wildlife Management Area, Bellview Winery, Blackwater Pond Park, NJ Wildwoods Boardwalk, Michael Debbi Park, and Ocean City Beach.

Pleasant Valley Lavender, NJ

Located in Aberdeen, New Jersey, Pleasant Valley Lavender is a seasonal campground closed from October to March every year. The campground features different site types, such as tent sites, group campsites, and dispersed camping sites.

It features a lot of camping aspects for adventurists, including firewood, picnic tables, drinking water, and toilets, and also allows pets.

Cheesequake State Park, NJ

Cheesequake State Park is a short drive from the city and is perfect if you need more time and a quick getaway—the convenient getaway offers 53 tent and trailer sites where you can explore and enjoy the true essence of different ecosystems.

You can enjoy a range of activities like swimming, canoeing, or fishing within walking distance at this campsite. The area boasts of diversified environments, including freshwater masses, hardwood forests, and open fields.

Belleplain State Forest, NJ

Belleplain State Forest, located in Woodbine, South New Jersey, is a picturesque campsite with serene private lake views you can enjoy on a boat or canoe. The campground has 169 tent, cabin, and RV spots to have an enjoyable time out on nature trails with your camping friends.

There’s a wide variety of nature-related activities to keep you busy and active, including fishing, boating, horseback riding, and mountain biking.

Bass River State Forest, NJ

Bass River State Forest is a camping site located in Tuckerton, South New Jersey. The campground has many water activities with 176 tent sites, out of which 85 are pet-friendly. 

The picturesque campsite provides campers with plenty of fun activities to do, such as fishing, swimming, canoeing, and hiking. 

Camping here gives you the chance to hike through the wetland forest in the Absegami Natural Reserve and take a boat, canoe or kayak, fish, swim and enjoy water activities in the 67-acre Lake Absegami.

Delaware River Campground, NJ

Delaware River region is an exciting campsite where you can enjoy a hike, swim, kayak, canoe or many fun activities with family and friends. Amenities include a game room, basketball court, miniature golf and playground, and heated swimming pool.

Delaware River region provides excellent camping facilities for families, including tents, RVs, trailers, and cabin rental options. You can pay a visit to Millbrook Farm, Villa Milagro Vineyards, Coppermine’s Trail, and Sterling Hill Mining Museum.

What Are Other Camping Areas In New Jersey?

There are many excellent camping areas spread across New Jersey where you can enjoy your time with friends and family, especially in garden state parks. Here are a few:

  • Military Park Fort Dix Willow Pond Camp
  • Jugtown Mountain Campground
  • Spruce Run Recreation Area
  • Parvin Park
  • Beachcomber Camping Resort
  • Worthington Park
  • River Beach RV Resort
  • Lake Nummy
  • Wharton State Forest

Why Is Camping In New Jersey So Popular?

Camping is very popular in New Jersey due to the following reasons::

  • Campgrounds are accessible.
  • Campgrounds are attached to other outdoor activities, including biking, hiking, and leisure sports.
  • There are many other interesting sites to visit in New Jersey, including historic relics, beer and wineries, and gastronomic sensations.
  • There are many garden state parks for camping in New Jersey. 

What Are The Things To Consider When Camping In New Jersey?

Here are a few things you need to consider when camping in New Jersey.

  • Explore and research about camp sites before choosing one.
  • Take weather conditions and water levels of the site into consideration.
  • Plan what you’re going to take on your trip.
  • Store your things in totes for easy storage.
  • Check if your campsite allows pets if you are planning to take yours.

Essentials To Take When Going Camping

The following is a list of the essentials to take when going camping.

  • Clothes for both warm and cool weather conditions
  • Hiking boots
  • Foldable outdoor chairs and tables
  • Cutlery and cooking utensils
  • First aid kit
  • Hat and sunglasses
  • Insect repellant
  • Lighter
  • Toilet paper
  • Garbage bags
  • Headlamp or flashlight
  • Camping stove
  • A GPS Tracker, if you are taking your pet

Final Thoughts

New Jersey is the perfect location to enjoy camping in state parks, along with many other outdoor activities. It’s where you’ll discover the true essence of what the outdoors can do for your fitness and well-being.

Popular campgrounds in New Jersey are High Point, Kittatinny Valley State Park, Appalachian Trail, and Belleplain State Forest.

While some people might opt to rest in a luxury villa, camping in New Jersey is something you should try as part of your holiday activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Best Dispersed Camping Areas In New Jersey?

The best-dispersed campgrounds in New Jersey are Kittatinny Valley, High Point, Abbot Sawmill, Appalachian Trail, and Belleplain State Forest.

Is It Legal To Camp In The Woods In New Jersey?

Yes, it’s legal to camp in the woods in New Jersey. Many such places in New Jersey have been designated as campgrounds.

What Are The Rules For Camping In New Jersey?

All campgrounds must be occupied by a primary occupant who is 18 years or older. Campers should also adhere to the guidelines and restrictions imposed by each camping site.

What are the activities to do in camping apart from horseback riding and mountain biking?

Hiking, fishing, boating, and swimming are some of the activities you can do while camping.




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