Video Games Based, Featured and Set in NJ

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Get ready to experience the thrill of the gaming world through the lens of New Jersey!

New Jersey’s presence in the gaming world is diverse and dynamic, spanning various genres, consoles, and eras. From action-packed adventures to retro classics and even games inspired by iconic New Jersey movies and TV shows, there’s always something exciting to discover for Garden State gamers.

With so many options available, it’s clear that New Jersey’s influence in the gaming industry is diverse, exciting, and always evolving.

Although New Jersey is the 4th smallest state in the USA in terms of size, it has a higher population density than most other regions in the USA. We are also home to several of the biggest game developers in America, such as Cubix, NBT, and Aspired among others.

These developers often use locations that are familiar to them as inspiration for their games, with players seeing plenty of real NJ locations cropping up on their screens.

Here is a list (Not completely definitive) of Some of the most popular NJ related (themed) Games

Devils Crossroad

Screenshot of the Devils Crossroad video game

New Jersey locals of course has a wealth of gambling opportunities at their fingertips, not only with Atlantic City, but also with online casinos where they can play popular slot games such as Devil’s Crossroad from Nolimit City.

The game is based on the legend of the Devil’s Crossroad, where musicians would sell their souls to achieve fame and success.

Although we are not 100% sure if this game was derived and created to be set in NJ, we do know that we surely have the NJ devil that lurks in the Pine Barrens (which is a hige crossroad in the middle of nowhwere). So we think there is a connection

However, the goal of this article is to look at games that take place in New Jersey or feature it during gameplay. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Max Payne 3

On returning to his New Jersey home, the character Max Payne finds that his house has been broken into by junkies, and his wife and child have been murdered.

As Max, players work towards uncovering the drug trafficking conspiracy behind the tragedy. This includes visiting locations in the state such as Walton’s Bar, which is modeled on actual bars in Hoboken.

The game features an excellent plot, acting, and atmosphere. The visual effects bring Max’s story to life, so you can really lose yourself in this immersive experience.

Friday the 13th: The Game

Screenshot of the Friday the 13th video game

The Friday the 13th movie is set in a fictional location called Camp Crystal Lake, New Jersey, but the filming took place in an actual camp in Hardwick, NJ . In the 1986 game based on the film, players are tasked with escaping the world’s leading serial killer, Jason Voorhees, and saving their friends. Really skilful players will even get the chance to take on the killer and win. Alternatively, you can play as Jason, stalking and ultimately killing your targets.

Assassin’s Creed III

In 2012’s Assassin’s Creed III, players can interact realistically with their surroundings by climbing buildings, jumping off again, sneaking down alleys, etc. What is particularly unique about the third edition of this popular game franchise is that it is set in the 18th century! So players can get their dose of history as well as action in New Jersey, as well as other states in the USA.

Need for Speed: The Run

When you find out that more than 20 editions of Need for Speed have been released, that’s when you realize how popular the games must be!

Need for Speed: The Run, released in 2011, takes the form of a race around the country. One race in the game takes drivers from Philadelphia, traveling through Newark Bay and the New Jersey Turnpike.

This is our recommendation for all adrenaline junkies. The high-speed action, which proceeds through the city onto winding mountain trails, is supported by the perfect soundtrack to keep the tension at a fever pitch.

Marvel’s Avengers

Strongly based on the comic books, Marvel’s Avengers players journey all around the USA – including New Jersey. This is not the best game for checking out the NJ scenery since a lot of the action takes place in secret underground laboratories and the like. Still, when you do see parts of New Jersey, it is realistic, plus one of the Marvel heroines, Kamala Khan, is a New Jersey native.

Released in 2020, Marvel’s Avengers can be played in single-player mode or as an online collaboration with four players.

Tomb Raider

In the game, Lara Croft and her friend Jane visit Teterboro Airport, located in Bergen County, New Jersey. This cameo appearance showcases the state’s connection to the popular Tomb Raider franchise.

Teterboro Airport is a general aviation airport, known for its proximity to New York City and its use by private jets and corporate aircraft.

While the game doesn’t really delve deeply into New Jersey’s landscapes or culture, it’s still exciting to see our state is included in the adventures of a beloved video game character like Lara Croft.

Tony Hawk’s Underground

The popular skateboarding game “Tony Hawk’s Underground” and its sequels feature a protagonist who resides in New Jersey and frequents its suburban neighborhoods for epic skating sessions.

The game’s main character, customizable by the player, lives in New Jersey and skates through various levels set in the state’s suburbs. This allows players to experience the local culture and environment through the lens of a skateboarding adventure.

The game showcases the vibrant skateboarding scene in New Jersey, which is home to numerous skate parks, skate shops, and a passionate community of skaters.

Mario’s Time Machine

In “Mario’s Time Machine,” Mario travels through time to retrieve artifacts that have been stolen by the villainous Bowser. One of his stops is at Thomas Edison’s laboratory in Menlo Park, where he learns about the inventor’s contributions to science and technology.

Here is a more definitive list of NJ based video games written by Kyle Morel from

Final Thoughts

For video game fans from New Jersey, there’s something for everyone! For outsiders, now is the perfect time to discover NJ!



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