Bergen County Parks: Best Parks to Visit in North Jersey

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Best Parks in Bergen County

Residents of North Jersey may not be fully aware, but there are some really nice parks in Bergen County that offer more than just tennis courts, picnic spots, and baseball fields.

Many have beautiful grassy areas for picnicking, fun amazing paths to explore that are perfect for walking, hiking, and some even have animals & zoos!

Some of the parks in the Bergen County Parks system also contain historic sites, abandoned villages, riding stables, and acres of rivers and lakes suitable for kayaking and canoeing.

If your body is begging for fresh air, and finding a beautiful park (in the northern NJ area) that has fun surprises around every corner, you’ll want to continue reading.

Come spend the day, smell the dew on the grass, and listen to the calming sounds of children laughing from a park bench.

Here are some of the many wonderful and eccentric parks waiting to be discovered in Bergen County.

Van Saun County Park

Couple walking at Van Saun County Park in New Jersey

One of the more family-friendly parks in north Jersey is Van Saun County Park.

The Bergen County Zoological Park is also a part of the Van Saun Park, so it’s a park within a park.

Families can explore the Zoological Park and see Peacocks, Bald Eagles, Elephants, Prairie dogs, and American bison, just to name a few.

Families can also come and enjoy one of the six picnic areas, play ball in the softball and baseball fields, or explore the pavilions.

Van Saun County Park is a wonderland for the kids!

Kids can ride the carousel, trains, and ponies.

Kids can bring their fishing poles and fish in the fishing pond.

What makes Van County Park so special?

It’s special because you get to get out of the house and you get to spend some quality time with your family!

The park has amusements, historical sights, animals, and lovely greenery.

So for families, Van Saun Park is a must-visit!

While you roam around the park, don’t forget to visit the Washington Spring Garden. Sources have it, George Washington used this spring garden in 1780. How intriguing is that?

Overpeck County Park

Overpeck County Park is another awesome park in Bergen County!

The park consists of several distinct areas along the eastern and western banks of Overpeck Creek in Bergen County.

It is a popular recreational site that offers a playground, a running path, bike path, and basketball and volleyball courts.

The road on the far side of the sports fields takes you near the Overpeck Creek banks, a great place for taking photographs and bird watching.

What happens in Overpeck County Park throughout the seasons & why should you visit?

  • During spring: The boundaries of the recreation area have numerous mature trees that attract warblers. Also, you can explore the relaxing water streams that run throughout the park.
  • During winter: PS: Don’t walk blindly because bald eagles are always a potential dangerous possibility in this area. Make sure you scan the tree lines and skies often. During the wintertime, there are many tiny animals to enjoy in the park.
  • During fall: Migration season begins, and with it comes many fantastic opportunities to see some uncommon animals. You can also enjoy the changing of the leaves during the fall. Again, keep your eyes open for Bald Eagles.
  • During summer: Grab a bag of bird feed while you stroll because, during this time of the year, wading and shorebirds will be in every corner, staring at you, waiting for a taste.

Saddle River County Park

Saddle River County Park is a great park to bike ride, or just simply walk around with the kids.

The Saddle River park has plenty of biotas to check out while you roam around the dog park, picnic areas, the pond, and ball fields.

The park has clean bathrooms and you can usually find an ice cream truck during the summer.

Hiking enthusiasts will find plenty of pathways, a bicycle-pedestrian path, and a multi-use path.

These paths start from Ridgewood and end in Rochelle Park.

The paths also feature numerous scenic waterfalls, three ponds, tree-shaded picnic spots, playgrounds, athletic fields, and pavilions.

Votee Park

Children's playing area t Votee Park in New Jersey

This (wheelchair accessible) park has a vast enclosed inclusive playfield for children that includes swings, slides, hanging bars, and more.

There are in-ground swimming pools and a wading pool for children.

The play area is rich with playthings and ramps. The play area also has a rubber floor that makes it easy to move maneuver with a wheelchair or stroller.

On top of that, it’s very toddler friendly too!

An educational field for the kids

All of the play items are education-based on instrumental keyboards, fire safety tips, sign language lessons, and so much more.

Once your kids get to witness the giant fire truck, they’ll want to climb on top of it and enjoy the ride!

Note: Votee Park is a perfect park for children.

Continental Soldiers Park

If you consider yourself a runner, Continental Soldiers Park is a great park to visit to get those legs stretched.

There’s a massive play area that includes climbing rings, a cool dinosaur, monkey bars, plenty of swings, and a large pavilion with cute little picnic tables.

You can even buy snacks from the Field of Creams Café, located in the park.

The café has outdoor seating and offers many delicious treats, including bubble tea, burgers, ice cream, hotdogs, and more.

Make sure to hit up the Mason Jar Restaurant

When you’re ready for a break from play, take your family to the Mason Jar restaurant and have a taste of their mouthwatering southern hickory pit BBQ!

Lastly, you can call it a day by staring at the beautiful Rampoo River.

It’s a real treat for the eyes and mind!

We hope you get a chance to visit these peaceful and amusing parks in Bergen County.

Local area parks offer an escape from the daily grind.

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