Llama Farms in New Jersey – These Beautiful Animals Are Natural Sights for Sore Eyes

A beautiful view of Llama farms in New Jersey

Alpacas and Llamas are Closely Related Cousins

Vector image of a Llama standing next to a smaller Alpaca

They have both been domesticated for many years. Alpacas primarily for their wool and believe it or not for their lean low cholesterol meat.

They look very similar but there are some notable differences.

Alpacas have shorter ears than Llamas

Llamas are much bigger averaging up to 350 pounds.

In general, Llamas are a little bit more independent which makes them a little more dominant whereas Alpacas are generally shy and more approachable.

Alpaca wool is more desirable because of its fine fiber.

Join us on a New Jersey Llama Journey

Image of a Llama in a field in NJ

NJ has a lot of domesticated Llamas

A census shows that there are more than 100,000 Llamas in New Jersey.

It would be safe to say that they are now a part of our culture as they have been domesticated in New Jersey for years.

The natives breed llamas because they are beneficial to them in many ways.

One of their apparent benefits is the excellent fibrous ergonomic yarn you can get from them.

There is no trace of harmful chemicals in it since it does not contain Lanolin, making it perfect for people with allergies.

But there is an even better reason for loving Llamas.

They are beautiful and loving creatures!

Image of a llama vector with the description that says "here is a really unique idea"

Pack up a big picnic lunch in a basket and your camera.

Surprise the kids and take them to one of these Llama Farms where they can hold and touch the Llamas up close and personal.

Watch their smiles.

Go home and make a picture book on Shutterfly to remember this day forever!

Let’s have a look at some of the Llama farms in New Jersey where you can get up close and personal for a better look at these lovely animals.

Bluebird Farm Alpacas

A visitor enjoying the company of llama

Bluebird Farm Alpacas is located in Peapack, New Jersey.

The farm boasts a land area of a staggering 175 acres.

Situated among the Somerset Hills, the scenery on the farm is indeed a sight for sore eyes.

Today, Bluebird Farm Alpacas is one of the major players in the Alpaca industry.

We highly recommend you visit the Bluebird Farm Alpacas to meet their lovely Alpacas and staff.

Their team consists of professionals who love to help, teach and cater to New Jersey local visitors.

If you are breeding a Llama or Alpaca at your home, you could go and visit and inquire about optimal living conditions, their eating habits, and any other questions you may have.

If you are just an animal lover and want to visit the farm, that is, of course, ok too!

The farm is open on Weekends by appointment only and the farm is open on weekends for tours by purchasing tickets online in advance.

Second Wind Llama Adventures

Image of a Llama at a Llama farm in NJ

The Second Wind Farm (located in central NJ near the Mcguire Air Force Base) in New Egypt, New Jersey has plenty of cute and cuddly Llamas waiting for you!

This is a beautiful secluded area to stroll or hike and of course, meet up with Llamas.

That is what Second Wind Farm is known for! Animal lovers and hiking enthusiasts from across the state are crazy about this place!

Nothing feels better than strolling along with the cutest Alpacas ever on a beautiful track.

Guests are invited to spend time with nature while enjoying Llama hikes.

When you arrive, you will be introduced to their chickens as an “ice breaker”.

You are then led to the Llama paddock to get acquainted with the Llamas

Second Wind Farms are pioneers of the Llama-hike industry.

The owner of the farm Bev Vienckowski is very cooperative, and her knowledge about animals, and sheer kindness, has impressed her visitors over the years.

All these things combine together to make Second Wind Farm in the line of the best llama farms in New Jersey.

Furthermore, you could also get fiber from Second Wind Farm. All in all, the farm is heaven for Alpaca lovers.

One has to be pretty cynical to find anything wrong with this farm.

Edel Haus Farm

A beautiful view of alpacas in the nice sunny day in the Edel Haus Farm

Edel Haus Farm is located in Wall Township, New Jersey. This llama farm came to life in 2010 to entertain the visitors and improve animals’ living standards.

And this is exactly what they have done over many years. The farm enjoys a sound reputation because of this reason.

The farm is widely known for hosting weddings and other events.

Come with your friends and loved ones and have a picnic at the Edel Haus llama Farm.

The area is peaceful and very much relaxing.

And Edel Haus Farm will wholeheartedly welcome you!

The Farm encompasses 14 acres of land and a good herd of animals.

The lovely Llamas would also love to accompany and celebrate with you.

Take pictures that will last a lifetime

Come and take pictures of your family with the Alpacas to make everlasting memories that you will surely cherish forever.

Get acquainted with the Edel Haus Farms’ family of different llamas, such as Blue Bell, Rose, Iris, and many more.

You can also buy fiber from Edel Haus Farm. The yarn is 100% pure and represents the best quality.

They have loyal customers from all over the USA who prefer the quality wool which is available from the Edel Haus Farm.

The beautiful delicate thread is spun into yarn, which is then crafted into many different garments, such as socks, and sweaters, etc.

This yarn is three times warmer than wool.

This is one of the best llama farms to visit in New Jersey!

Winding Creek Farm

Winding Creek Farm is located in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey.

The farm was established in 2015 by Mike and Sheri von Fischer.

Their ultimate goal is to educate the people about animals especially Alpacas, to raise their living standards. Their love for animals can be seen easily.

An Alpaca in the farm

The best thing about Winding Creek Farm is that they take pride in providing their animals with everything that they may need.

The farm offers private and group tours and well as birthday parties and seasonal events.

The farm also breeds and sells llamas.

They have the best breeds of llamas, which puts them above other farms.

Llamas of different kinds are available at incredibly affordable prices here.

Wrapping up

Natives of North America have been breeding Llamas for centuries because of the benefits that they offer.

Many of these farms are perfect picnic spots especially when you are with kids.

Most of the llama farms mentioned above offer fiber of the finest quality.

Some even offer Llamas for adoption too!

Also, see Alpaca Farms in NJ.



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