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Hurricane Harbor Review Rates  

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Hurricane Harbor - Jackson New Jersey

Blue Lagoon Wave Pool

The Blue Lagoon Wave pool is filled with nearly 1 million gallons of water! The pool generates really cool 2 to 5 foot rolling waves for 10 minutes on then 10 minutes off.

Almost one acre in size

The wave pool is plenty big in size! The water depth is from 6 inches to 7 foot deep so its good for toddlers to waddle around and also good for older children to make beleive they are dolphins in a huge sea! The area is also great for older adults as there is huge surrounding shaded area with chaise lounge chairs.

More Pictures of the Blue Lagoon Wave Pool at Hurricane Harbor

Blue Lagoon Wave Pool

Wave Pool Lounge Area

Wave Pool Shallow End


Discovery Bay Kiddie Section - Great Water Splashing Fun for Kids
Pirate Ship Play Area

The smaller section of Discovery Bay is awesome for little kids from 2 to 10 years old. There is a 2 feet deep wave pool area and a cool Pirate ship with slides. There are nets for the tikes to climb on and pint sized water jets and sprays to play with. There is a lounge area as well for parents to sun bathe and watch everyone having fun.

Family Activity Lagoon

Super soaking, water splashing fun! Even though the slides are pint sized, the fun is never ending. Kids will spend hours exploring this small section of Discovery Bay. The small slides pack a huge splash at the end as the shipmates hit the pool. Lifeguards are always on duty watching the kids play in this area.


More Pictures of Discovery Bay at Hurricane Harbor
Discovery Bay swimming area

Discovery Bay sprinklers

Discovery Bay Slides


Discovery Bay Larger Section - Even Bigger Fun for the Bigger Kids!
Hours of wacky water fun
This highly interactive water play area is packed with loads of wet fun! This watery paradise features climbing net ladders, slides, waterfalls and more than 75 wacky water gadgets.

Kids Discover fun at Discovery Bay

Kids can climb on nets and ropes as they explore the large Discovery Bay area. The most fun by far is spraying unsuspecting passerbys with one of the many water gadgets. There are huge water guns and tipping buckets hidden everywhere.

Anticipation of the Big Buckets

Watch out from above! Pictured to the left is a brave few that are waiting for the two enormous tipping buckets filled with more than a thousand gallons of water that will ultimetly drench everyone below! The force of the water is fierce and is reminiscent of a white squall out at sea.

More Pictures of Discovery Bay for bigger Kids

Discover Hidden Treasures

Explore Hidden Areas

Big Bucket Drop!

Taak it Eez Ee Creek - Half mile lazy River fun!

Half mile long Lazy River
Relax and float for a while in more than 700,000 gallons of water as you wind for nearly a half-mile through the park. The adventure river features waterfalls, rapids and geysers along the way. Keep cool by using the creek as your method of transportation around Hurricane Harbor!

Beware of Spraying water jets
Water jets and waterfalls are abundant to cool you off while floating around the curvy lazy river. Our only complaint is that there didn't seem to be enough tubes for everybody, so some people opted to swim about without a tube.

Quality Family Time
There really is no better way to spend some quality relaxing time with your childern than floating around for about an hour on the lazy river. There is awesome landscape scenery and tranquill Island music to take in while soaking up some beautiful sun rays together.


More Pictures of Taak it Eez Ee Creek

Lounging out on the river

Slow and easy

Family fun!

Wild Rides - For the real Adventure seekers
Boreas, Eurus, Zephyrus and Nortus
Hold on to your whiskers water Kitties! Climb the 54-foot tower and take a deep breath! Travel at lightening-fast speeds, as you tube down on one of the four slides that take you careening through high curves and sudden drops. This breathtaking ride is designed to give big thrills that even a cat with 9 lives would be scared of. Meeooow!

Bada Bing Bada Bang Bada Boom
Journey on one of the three separate inner-tube slides through dark, serpentine tunnels. Travel at speeds of 20 miles per hour from this 5-story tower and finish your voyage with a big splashdown!

Speed Slides

Two Twisty Slides that are just too much fun! The blue slide is fully covered half way down so you are in the dark and it is faster than the green one which is opened all the way.



Other Rides at Hurricane Harbor
Hurricane Mountain

Cannonball Falls

Great Family Shows!


Hurricane Harbor Review Recap

There are a few reasons that we gave Hurricane Harbor 3 stars out of a possible 5. The first reason is that there really are not that many rides for adults here, and it seems that none have been added in the last few years. The second reason is that they boosted the parking fee from $10 to $15. The last reason is that there are not enough tubes for the rides and the ride lines move along slowly if it is crowded.

Overpriced food

Another factor that lowered their rating is their food prices. You are not allowed to bring beverages or food into the park, so you are at their mercy. I'm sorry but I think $26 for a pizza pie is a little overboard. The best bargian was the sabrett hot dog cart at $3 a dog.

Good points

The Park itself is lovely and impeccably clean. The rides and attractions are fun, and the admission price is fairly reasonable at $34.99. Look for coupons and you can usually save around $10 on general Admission. The gift shop is also nice and fairly reasonable. Lockers are available. It tends to be less crowded than its Great Adventure counterpart.

Park Information

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor
Route 537 Jackson, NJ
Chuck Hendrix, General Manager
Park Information (732) 928-1821
Guest Relations   (932) 928-2000 x2838
Open May through September
Please visit website for hours of operation

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