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Performing Arts in New Jersey

See a wide variety of performing arts in NJ, from classic ballet performances to modern opera interpretations, you'll find it all here!

NJ Dance Companies Dance Companies in NJ
Dance Companies throughout NJ train highly passionate and highly skilled dancers to perform throughout the state. These dance companies range from classical ballet to modern jazz and even some Asian and Indian dance companies! Let these dance companies prove how exciting and brilliant dancing is!
New Jersey Opera NJ Opera
Whoever said opera is dead hasn't been to New Jersey lately. There's been a revamp of opera music in New Jersey and we've come up with the best places to enjoy this classic form of music in a 21st century atmosphere! Come out to appreciate this amazing form of music and performance.
Theatres in New Jersey Theatres in New Jersey
New Jersey is filled with theatres and playhouses for you to enjoy all varieties of shows. Whether you're looking for a musical, a classic play or an opera these New Jersey theatres have it all! With dozens in each section of New Jersey you're bound to find one close by!

We hope you enjoy all the places to see ...

Performing Arts in NJ

Use our NJ Performing Arts directory to experience a night at the theatre seeing a play or musical, listening to an opera or seeing a ballet. No matter what you're interested in, we've provided all aspects of New Jersey performing arts! See for yourself that New Jersey is quickly turning into a mecca of arts and culture!

If you're looking to travel out of state you have to experience performing arts in New York or travel out to Pennsylvania and experience PA performing arts kids and adults will love!
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