Fitness Classes in NJ

Get into Your Element at Inspired Fitness Classes in NJ!

So you've been paying for a gym membership for AGES and you either don't attend on a regular basis or you're not seeing results, right?
Find your calling, and find a fitness class. Meet other people that share the same passion and drive that will motivate you to come!
Establish supportive relationships that will last a lifetime and achieve your strongest mental and physical health.

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Dance it Out, Join the Movement!

Take a class that is fun and will change the way you view fitness. ContempFit provides workouts using upbeat and easy dance choreography! The choreography is designed to increase strength, endurance, and flexibility. Visit this new and exciting form of contemporary fitness. You will actually WANT to workout and attend classes! Contempfit - Red Bank NJ

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Tel : 732-298-6015
Mail : [email protected]
Business Hours : 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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