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Best Mixed Crowd Shore Bars in NJ

Best Mixed Crowd Bars down the Jersey Shore

Mixed Crowd Bars down the Jersey Shore

Nothing is more awkward than being in your mid-fifties and going out to pick up chicks at a local bar and you realize that all of the girls are 21. Well now, with our help, you should not have to face that situation anymore. (unless you really want to) LOL.

Enjoy a diverse crowd consisting of both younger and older members, as long as you're over 21! You'll be able to spark up a conversation with almost anyone in a welcoming and comfortable environment. Specials are available regularly including food and drink specialties. Whether you're coming with friends or your family, it's a great place for some drinks and conversation.

Central NJ
Martell's Tiki Bar
Point Pleasant Beach Boardwalk, Point Pleasant, NJ 08742

Martell's Tiki Bar Best Mixed Crowd bars at the Jersey Shore A Jersey Shore Bar with something for Everyone!
Bring all of your family and friends to Martell's Tiki Bar in Point Pleasant, New Jersey for an afternoon or night of nonstop fun! Martell's offers something for everyone! Whether you bring your parents out for drinks or you want to spend a night with friends, everyone is sure to have a great time! They have indoor and outdoor dining options depending on the crowd you bring! Enjoy the outdoor Tiki bar, one of the most famous parts of Point Pleasant, and enjoy the beautiful view of the Jersey Shore! The Tiki Bar is famous for their drinks and food! Dance the day away on their huge dance floor, live music and DJs weekly! Their indoor bar gives you a view of the boardwalk and a more quiet and relaxed atmosphere than the outdoor bar. Relax with a few drinks and great company at their indoor bar!

Stop by for a bit to eat, nonstop drinks and live entertainment daily! With so many options Martell's Tiki Bar is the perfect place for family, friends and fun all day! Open all year round the only thing that stops is the warm weather, so join Martell's Tiki Bar for indoor winter fun too!

Tons of ways for you and all your friends to have fun!

Southern NJ
Cabana's Beach Bar & Grill
429 Beach Ave., Cape May, NJ 08204

Cabana's Beach Bar & Grill Best Mixed Crowd Bars down the Jersey Shore One of the best mixed crowd Jersey Shore Bars!
Cabana's Beach Bar & Grill prides itself on having something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you want to party the night away, enjoy a few drinks with close friends and family, watch the game or anything in between Cabana's Beach Bar & Grill has everything you need! Relax on their patio over dinner or drinks and look over the beautiful Atlantic Ocean! Enjoy a few cold brews with your closest friends and root on your favorite team on their big screen TVs! Spend the night playing pool and catching up on their state-of-the-art pool tables! Bring out your girlfriends and dance the night away to the best reggae music in New Jersey! No matter how you want to spend the night Cabana's Beach Bar & Grill is sure to have everything you're looking for!

Great bar for college kids, families and everyone in between!


Hope you've enjoyed our list of the...

Best Mixed Crowd Bars down the Jersey Shore

These Jersey Shore bars offer something for everyone! Whether you're looking for a quiet place to have a few drinks with friends or looking to dance the night away, these bars have it all! Relax with a view of the Atlantic Ocean or find a spot at the bar and meet new people! These mixed crowd Jersey Shore bars have something for everyone.

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