Best Jersey Shore Mixed Crowd Bars

For All And Any Age Groups

Nothing is more awkward than being in your mid-fifties and going out to pick up chicks at a local bar and you realize that all of the girls are 21. Well now, with our help, you should not have to face that situation anymore. (unless you really want to) LOL.

Enjoy a diverse crowd consisting of both younger and older members, as long as you're over 21! You'll be able to spark up a conversation with almost anyone in a welcoming and comfortable environment. Specials are available regularly including food and drink specialties. Whether you're coming with friends or your family, it's a great place for some drinks and conversation.

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Care For An Early Drink?

Select bars in NJ open before noon so you can sip on an early drink. The statewide regulation is that bars are prohibited to serve alcohol between 2 and 7 a.m. Monday through Saturday and til noon on Sunday. See which bars open earlier than most during the week.

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