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Uncle Vinnie's Comedy Club NJ Reviews
Uncle Vinnie's Comedy Club Point Pleasant, NJ

Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club is a great place to go for an evening of fun and laughter. This comedy club is located in Ocean County NJ and is the hot spot for a fun-filled night with your family, friends or a significant other.

Reviews of Uncle Vinnie's Comedy Club NJ
Owned by two brothers, Dino and Jerry Ibelli, Uncle Vinnie's has transformed over the years from a restaurant that only offered live performances once a week to the sensational comedy club it is today. You will find that some big name comedians such as Gilbert Gottfried and Don Jamieson frequently visit this club and perform hilarious stand-up routines for the crowd. Uncle Vinnie's is the best place to go for a live comedy show in the Central Shore Region of NJ.

Today many people from around the Tri-State area make their way to Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club because they have so much to offer. Whether you are a fan of a specific comedian or you would like the chance to meet a soap opera star, Uncle Vinnie’s has the dose of entertainment you need. They have live performances almost every night and are always willing to host a private affair for you and your friends.

Uncle Vinnie's Comedy Club Ocean County NJ reviews
As one of New Jersey’s only comedy clubs, Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club has become the hot spot for laughter and fun. They offer live performances by comedians and celebrities almost every night and even allow you to book private affairs with them. Making your way to this comedy location is a surefire way to have a good time, learn new jokes and meet famous celebrities.

Many residents of Ocean County NJ find Uncle Vinnie's Comedy Club to be the best place to go out for a night on the town. They know that if they make their way to this house of laughter, they will be treated to one-of-a-kind stand-up comedy acts, live performances, good food and an overall good time.


If you are a huge fan of live stand-up routines and you are also looking to raise money for a cause, Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club can help! If you know you are a fan of a certain comedian who performs at Uncle Vinnie’s and you would like to book a private event, all you need to do is call Dino at 1-877-862-5384 and let him know who you would like to book and which fundraising package you would like.

Choose from one of these three fantastic packages and have 50% of all proceeds made the night of your event donated to the charity of your choice!

Plan 1: Comedy Show with Dinner: The first package consists of a 4 – 4 ½ hour comedy show and dinner. Guests will get a Caesar salad and their choice of pasta, chicken or a salmon entree. The minimum number of people for this plan is 80.
Plan 2: Comedy Show without Dinner: If you are looking for a straight forward, laugh out loud, 2 ½ hour comedy show without a meal, then plan two is the one you should choose. This package requires a minimum of 100 people.
Plan 3: Comedy Show with Light Fare: The third plan includes a 3 hour comedy show and light fare prepared by the Club’s chef. This package falls in between Plan 1 and Plan 2 giving guests a comedy show with small snacks rather than a full meal.


Uncle Vinnie's Comedy Club in Point Pleasant NJ
Many women across NJ make their way to Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy club on their night out because the club hosts numerous meet and greets with soap opera stars. These Soap Opera Meet and Greets, often held on Saturdays, give you a chance to meet celebrities such as Steve Burton and Josh Morrow from The Young and the Restless, Nancy Lee Grahn from General Hospital and many other celebrities. You and your girlfriends will have a blast as you make your way to Uncle Vinnie’s and listen to your favorite daytime star speak of his/her experience on the set.

Everyone loves to laugh and bringing a date to Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club is a great idea. As New Jersey’s premier comedy club, located right by the Point Pleasant Beach, you and your date will have countless things to do. The two of you will bond over your love of laughter and create memories as you watch some of the area’s top notch comedians perform. Uncle Vinnies Comedy Club NJ Directions

With great food and wonderful performances, Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club is a great place to go for a relaxing and casual date. Rather than going out for a romantic dinner, something saved for special occasions, Uncle Vinnie’s provides you with the location and atmosphere where you and your date can spend quality time together and have a good time.


If you are a returning patron of Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club or a first-time guest and you wish to book the location and a specific comedian for a private party, you can do so! Having a party where your guests can enjoy a live routine by a well-known comedian is a great way to leave a lasting impression with your guests. Everyone will be laughing hysterically as your favorite comedian spits out jokes and funny stories. All you need to do in order to book a private party is call Dino, one of the Club’s owners, at 1-877-862-5384.

Uncle Vinnies Comedy Club NJ Photos and Reviews
What you can Book
Exactly like the fundraiser events, you will have the choice of one of Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club’s three party packages. The first one, a comedy show and dinner, is excellent if you are looking to give your guests a full night on the town and a memorable experience. If you would like to simply gather for a fun-filled stand-up routine by your favorite comedian, book a comedy show without dinner. The happy medium between all packages is Plan 3, a comedy show with light fare. When this plan is chosen, people get to enjoy small bites of food and a wonderful comedy show. Of course, no matter which package you choose for your party, you will have your choice of the comedian in attendance.

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Uncle Vinnie's Comedy Club is not only one of Ocean County's top comedy clubs, but it is one of the best comedy clubs in the entire state of NJ. They have live performances almost every night, meet and greets with popular daytime soap opera stars and will gladly host a fundraiser for you. Find reviews of Uncle Vinnie's Comedy Club or write one below.
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