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Pole Dancing Parties in NJ

Pole Dancing Theme Parties in NJ

If you're planning a party or event, why not go all out? Give pole dancing parties in NJ a try!

Southern NJ
Onyx Mind Body
45 Mountain Boulevard, Warren, NJ

Onyx Mind Body Pole Dancing Parties in NJ A Celebration of Femininity!
Are you looking for a workout to really push your boundaries physically as well as adventurously? Onyx Mind Body is the answer you've been searching for. They have a wide range of pole dancing classes you can do with your friends as a unique party idea. They have different packages from 1 hour drop in events for as low as $30, to parties between 10-18 costing around $300.

It is a way to explore your sensuality while getting a seriously intense workout. They average that you burn around 1000 calories in one class! Call them up and schedule your event. Your friends will be talking about it for years to come!

Various other aerobic workouts available as well!

Northern NJ
Wellness on the Green
26 West Park Place, Morristown, NJ

Wellness on the Ground Pole Dancing Parties in NJ Learn Inverted Tricks and Spins!
Of all the aerobic classes you can take, why not take one that you can use to impress your friends? Wellness on the Green has various pole dancing classes ranging from beginner clasess to much more intense flexibility training programs. You can get a group of friends together to go to one of these classes and learn all the intricacies of pole dancing.

On top of tightening your body and learning a unique style of workout they also teach you about confidence boosting techniques. You really get a lot more than you bargain for at Wellness on the Green. Give them a try, you'll be glad you did!

Taking fitness to a whole new level!


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NJ Pole Dancing Parties

All our pole dancing parties in NJ are classy and intense workouts. Not to mention a unique experience for all!
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