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Complete guide to party rentals in NJ - Best party rental services for events in New Jersey.
Find the best party equipment and rental services in New Jersey - NJ Party Rental services

Holiday Parties in NJ Audio Video Party Rentals in NJ
What's a party or event without music and video effects? Find here all the best places to get audio and video rentals in NJ that will have your party guests dancing and singing from start to finish.
Bar Party Rentals in NJ Bar Rentals in NJ
If you are offering all types of alcohol at your party, then it's important to have somewhere to put it all, so rent a bar in NJ for your next party! These NJ bar rentals will make your party or event look professional, and the guests are sure to love it!
Casino Party Rentals NJ Casino Equipment Rentals in NJ
Are you having a casino-themed party? Finding the top casino equipment rentals in NJ is made easy through this comprehensive guide.  From black jack tables to roulette wheels, these NJ party rental places have it all!
Chocolate Fountain Party Rentals NJ Chocolate Fountain Rentals in NJ
If you're looking to please your party guests, then a chocolate fountain is definitely a necessity!   This all-inclusive list has all the greatest places to rent a chocolate fountain for your party in New Jersey.
Concession Party Rentals NJ Concession Rentals in NJ
Our complete concession rental guide includes party favorites such as bubble machines, cotton candy machines, hot dog carts, ice cream carts, sno cone machines and more. For the best concessions, you name it, and you can find it here!
Adult Bounce Houses in NJ Corporate & Adult Party Bounce House Rentals
Bouncy houses aren't just for kids - adults can enjoy the fun too!  You and your party guests will have a blast at your party or corporate event with these corporate and adult party bounce house rentals in NJ!
Dinnerware Party Rentals NJ Dinnerware Rentals in NJ
When you're looking to throw a large party, but do not want to use paper plates to serve the food, then consider dinnerware rentals in NJ!  Get elegant plates, bowls, etc. for an affordable rented price.
DJ Party Rentals NJ DJ Equipment Rentals in NJ
All the best parties have a DJ, so rent some DJ equipment for your next party or event!  If you just need the equipment and will take care of the DJ service yourself, then this is your best bet for your party!
Flatware Rentals NJ

Flatware Rentals in NJ
Do you want to impress your guests will high-quality flatware, but can't afford to buy a bunch of it just for the party?  We have the solution for you: rent flatware at an affordable price for your party in NJ!

Food Service Rentals NJ

Food Service Equipment Rentals in NJ
This section covers all types of restaurant supply rentals, kitchen equipment rentals and beverage equipment rentals in New Jersey!  From coffee machines to soda machines, you will find it all on this complete list.

Sofa Rentals NJ Furniture Rentals in NJ
If you have the necessary space to throw your party, but not enough furniture, then rent some!  This list has all the top furniture rental places in NJ for your party.  From sofas to tables, you'll find it all here.
Glassware Rentals NJ

Glassware Rentals in NJ
Offering everything from wine glasses to beer mugs, these glassware rentals in NJ have it all!  Because having the finest wine glasses for your party or event is important, renting glassware in NJ is your best bet!

Karaoke Rentals NJ

Karaoke Equipment rentals in NJ
Whether you're throwing a sweet sixteen or a 50th anniversary, everyone - young and old - love karaoke!  As a great form of party entertainment, renting karaoke equipment in NJ is a perfect idea for your next party or event.

Lighting Rentals NJ Lighting Rentals in NJ
No one likes to party in the dark, so brighten up your party or event with these top-of-the-line lighting rentals in NJ.  Everything from chandeliers to disco balls, these NJ party rental places will have you covered!
party venues NJ Porta Potty rentals in NJ
Do you get tired of people constantly walking through your house to use the bathroom at a backyard party?  Well here's the solution: porta potty rentals in NJ!  Eliminating the use of your personal backroom and making it more convenient for the party guests, NJ bathroom rentals are a great idea!
Table and Chair Rentals in NJ Table and Chair Rentals in NJ
When throwing a party with a large guest list, you will definitely need a bunch of tables and chairs.  Find here all the top places to find high-quality table and chair rentals in NJ at an affordable price.
Tent Rentals NJ Tent Rentals in NJ
Keep your party guests sheltered from rain or the bright sun by renting a tent for your party or event.  Though everyone hopes it doesn't rain on the day of their party, it never hurts to be prepared.
Misc Rentals NJ Miscellaneous Rentals in NJ
This section of our rentals in NJ guide covers all of the many different types of party services that are harder to categorize. Take a look and see if any of these party rentals are of any interest to you.
Plant Rentals NJ Plant Rentals in NJ
Amaze your guest with the aesthetically pleasing art of botany in this rental section for plants in NJ. Your part will have that added touch of class that weddings and elegant parties have by creating a beautiful floral and plant arrangement in your party hall. Check out our list of plant rentals in NJ here!


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Having a party or a grand event can be an overwheling and daunting task. Having a great resource to help you to organize and find everything can be key. strives to become a #1 party resource to helping you find all types of party services in the NJ tri-state area. We have done all the work bu compiling a very wide variety of fun and informative party rental information and services in New Jersey.

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