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Best winter camping in NJ

Places to Camp in the Winter in NJ

Even though it may be cold outside, you may still want to go camping. Finding great winter camping locations can be hard, but NJ has a few great spots so you can camp year-round, in either hot or cold weather!

Central NJ
Round Valley Recreation Area
1220 Lebanon Stanton Rd., Lebanon NJ 08833

Round Valley Recreation Area Winter Camping in NJBald eagle sightings are common!
Whether you just don't like camping in the summer or you feel more up to the outdoor adventure of camping in the winter, Round Valley Recreation Area is the place for you. They have camping throughout the year but are one of the few camping spots in NJ that offers camping in the winter months as well.

Winter camping in NJ is limited from Monday through Friday at this park unfortunately. Check out their website to find affordable pricing. If winter camping is your thing, then Round Valley Recreation Area is a must-visit park for you!

Check them out in other seasons as well!

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Places to go Camping in the winter in NJ

Bring the family down to New Jersey for a winter weekend of fun and relaxation at one of these campgrounds open during the winter. Escape from the busy work life and explore the magnificent views of the NJ landscape in the cold weather. These awesome campgrounds offer fun and relaxation for the whole family!

If you're looking for a more specific campground in New Jersey, check out our Camping in NJ directory. Looking to go camping out of state? Explore our guide to Camping in PA or Camping in NY.
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