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Did you know the word 'opera' in Italian translates to work? Marvel in the intense artistry of a live work of opera at a performance in New Jersey. From gut wrenching arias to painstakingly built sets, every detail serves the greater emotional truth of the story. Don't miss this visceral experience near you.

All of New Jersey
Eastern Opera of New Jersey 
Performing Throughout NJ

Eastern Opera of New Jersey NJ Opera Improving and Developing Opera Capabilities in NJ!
Eastern Opera of New Jersey is a nonprofit corporation that works exclusively for charitable purposes. They truly get pleasure out of performing opera and teaching younger generations the importance of keeping opera music alive! Eastern Opera of New Jersey educates the community on the traditions of opera while promoting the enjoyment of it and sponsoring the performance of opera. They do several shows throughout the year and all of the performers work extremely hard to make their operas one of the best in the state!

Besides opera in order to promote their goals they hold opera workshops for young children to learn about and enjoy the traditions of opera music. Young singers are educated and coached to perform opera in the original language. Besides their full length shows, Eastern Opera of New Jersey travels to retirement communities and schools to bring joy into other's lives.

Rich opera performances and outreach programs all over New Jersey!

Southern NJ
Boheme Opera
The College of New Jersey, Ewing Township, NJ

Boheme Opera New Jersey Opera NJ Regional Opera at its Finest!
Boheme Opera NJ is not only known for its breath-taking opera performances, they are known to enchant the audiences with their voices, stories, characters and music. The company and performers bring to life traditional yet brilliant opera with a modern twist. Boheme Opera NJ takes traditional opera performances and keep the same basic story line, but adds modern twist that will entertain audiences young and old alike! They are also known for their stunning, spectacular scenes that include virtual sets and dazzling lights! Come see Boheme Opera NJ and be transformed into a world of one-of-a-kind music, sung by some of the best in the state!

Teaching and showing a new generation to appreciate opera in NJ!

Northern NJ
New Jersey Association of Verismo Opera
Bergen Performing Arts Center, 30 North Van Brunt Street, Englewood, NJ

Speakeasy Art Galleries in NJ Italian Opera Beautifully Performed in NJ!
The New Jersey Association of Verismo Opera was founded in 1989 and has continued to provide the New Jersey and New York areas with spectacular and beautiful traditional Italian opera for over 20 years! They pride themselves on putting their heart and soul into every performance, and it shows! With one-of-a-kind stage scenes, professional cast members and music that resonates in your head long after the show is over, you will leave speechless and wanting more!

The New Jersey Association of Verismo Opera is also known for performing rarely seen works and reviving them into modern times. Some of these rarely-scene operas they're known for include Mese Mariano, Madame San Gene, Guglielmo Ratcliff and many more. They're also known for their star-studded singers including Abe Polakoff, Elinor Ross, Barbara Conrad and dozens of others that have performed with the company throughout the years. The New Jersey Association of Verismo Opera takes pride in what they do and puts their heart and soul into every performance.

Over 20 years of heart-felt, magical opera performances in NJ!

Northern NJ
New Jersey State Opera
Aprea Theatre, Clifton, NJ

New Jersey State Opera NJ Opera Winner of "Favorite Opera Company" in NJ for 3 years!
The New Jersey State Opera has been dedicated for years to bringing grand opera performances to people all over New Jersey! Their operas are like no other coining them "grand" instead of just an opera. The term grand refers to operas with full orchestra, full chorus, in the original language with surtitles, singers recognized internationally and over-the-top, brilliant performances that are hard to compare to! Come see for yourself why they were voted by the State's People's Choice Award as "Favorite Opera Company" in New Jersey 3 years in a row! Besides outstanding opera performances they also have educational outreach programs for kids throughout Essex, Union, Morris and Sussex counties. These programs are geared toward students in grades 5 - 12 and help them find their musical talent and appreciate classic music.

Performing amazing opera in New Jersey since 1965!

Northern NJ
Garden State Opera
140 Hadley Ave, Clifton, NJ

Garden State Opera New Jersey Opera One of the only Non-Profit Opera Companies in NJ!
The Garden State Opera was founded in 1999 and has continued to provide New Jersey residents with high-quality, beautiful opera music ever since! Their operas have been performed throughout Northern NJ including Passaic, Essex and Bergen Counties since they began in 1999. They perform full length, full stage operas with an orchestra and singers and performers from New York City! The Garden State Opera also prides itself on providing New Jersey residents with one of the lowest tickets prices for the highest-quality performances in the state! They perform dozens of performances throughout the year so be sure to come out and watch an amazing opera performance!

Performing beautiful opera in NJ since 1999!

Northern NJ
Hudson Opera Theatre
Performing Throughout Northern NJ

Hudson Opera Theatre New Jersey Opera 14 Seasons of "hot" Opera Performances in NJ!
The Hudson Opera Theatre has been named the "Hottest" opera theatre in New Jersey by several critics! For over 60 years the Hudson Opera Theatre has been providing the New Jersey Tri-State Area with beautiful opera pieces and continues to do so today. They are known for their over-the-top, yet classy opera performances that range from classic and traditional operas to more modern adaptations. Whether you know everything about opera or its your first one, Hudson Opera Theatre will make it an unforgettable night! They not only specialize in operas, the Hudson Opera Theatre also performs concerts, musicals ad plays to the New Jersey Tri-State region.

Experience a night of beautiful opera in NJ!

Northern NJ
Union City Opera
Performing in Union City, NJ and New York City

Union City Opera New Jersey Opera Company Up-and-Coming Opera Company in New Jersey!
Union City Opera is one of the newest opera companies to hit the scene in the Tri-State Area. They were founded in 2010 with a huge dream of becoming not only New Jersey's, but America's most prestigious opera company. They're quickly making their dream a reality and rising to the top of the opera scale and making a name for themselves! They are also one of the few opera companies that make their own, original productions! Union City Opera is also dedicated to performing a diverse repertoire with American artists highly skilled and trained in all facets of opera.

Their opera productions range from traditional, classic operas to modern renditions of the classics. They also perform operettas and concerts of all varieties. No matter how you like to spend your time at the theatre, Union City Opera has everything you're looking for!

Wide variety of classic and modern operas in NJ!

Northern NJ
Ridge Light Opera of New Jersey
Performing in Basking Ridge and Madison, NJ

Ridge Light Opera of New Jersey NJ Opera Preserving Opera in New Jersey for 10 years!
Ridge Light Opera of New Jersey is dedicated to preserving and maintaining the beauty of opera and musical theatre in New Jersey. They maintain their goal by providing New Jersey with high-quality performances, education and outreach programs for the youth so they understand the importance of preserving this rich and beautiful music. Ridge Light Opera of New Jersey specializes in highlight shows, Light Opera, and full scale operas and musicals with an orchestra! No matter what kind of opera you're trying to see, Ridge Light Opera offers it all!

They also pride themselves on being one of the only light opera companies in New Jersey. Light opera is different from opera, because light operas are light-hearted stories with a lot of humor and engage the audience. This is the perfect type of opera to bring the kids to, because it is easy to follow along and fun for the whole family. Come out and see Ridge Light Opera for a night of beautiful music and fun!

One of the only Light Opera companies in NJ!

Central NJ
Opera New Jersey
Performing in Princeton and Central NJ

Opera New Jersey Opera Companies NJ Voted New Jersey's "Favorite Opera Company!"
Opera New Jersey has been named the People's Choice Award Winner for “Favorite Opera Company” in New Jersey, and for good reason! Their performers are among the best in the Tri-State Areas who have been studying and singing opera long before they had dreams of performing with Opera New Jersey! They perform at some of the most prestigious theatres in New Jersey including the McCarter Theatre Center, the New Jersey Performing Arts Center and throughout Princeton. Opera New Jersey is your go-to company for some of the best opera performances in New Jersey!

One of the fastest growing opera companies in New Jersey!

All of New Jersey
State Repertory Opera of New Jersey
Performing Throughout New Jersey

State Repertory Opera of New Jersey Opera in NJ 38 years of Opera Performances in New Jersey!
The State Repertory Opera of New Jersey has the same goal today that is did when it was founded in 1975, to bring diversity in opera to New Jersey audiences and make the crowd feel alive once the singers begin their performance! They hire only the best-of-the-best singers and performers from New Jersey and New York City to be a part of their opera. The State Repertory Opera of New Jersey is also known for bringing rarely seen operas to New Jersey with a refreshing, brand new interpretation! They not only play for large venues, they also do private venues such as weddings or parties. The State Repertory Opera of New Jersey is one of the most diverse opera companies in New Jersey and have truly made a name for themselves!

Bringing rarely seen opera back to NJ!

Southern NJ
Youth Opera of South Jersey
Performing Throughout Southern NJ

Youth Opera of South Jersey Opera in NJ Dedicated to preserving opera through the youth of NJ!
Youth Opera of South Jersey is one of the most unique opera companies in New Jersey! They are the only opera company in NJ to train the youth in the profession of opera and have them perform in front of audiences throughout southern NJ. Youth Opera of South Jersey not only teaches their young prodigies how to perform the classic operas, they teach them how important this form of music is and why it needs to be preserved and performed. Each year they spend the off-season practicing one of the classics than perform it all over Southern NJ. Audiences are always dazzled by the spectacular and beautiful performances Youth Opera of South Jersey performs every year, which is why they come back year after year!

One of the most unique opera companies in New Jersey!

Central NJ
Pineda Lyric Opera Company
Cranford Dramatic Club Theatre, 78 Winans Avenue, Cranford, NJ

Pineda Lyric Opera Company New Jersey Opera Sparking a new-found interest in NJ Opera since 2008!
Pineda Lyric Opera Company was founded in 2008 with the goal not just to bring opera back to New Jersey, but to spark a newfound interest in opera in all generations of New Jersey residents. From those old-school opera lovers to those that have never listened to it a day in their lives Pineda Lyric Opera Company has been able to pique the interest of young and old alike with their new and innovative opera performances. One of their most interesting aspects is that they do not only use New York and international professionals in their performances, they use professional singers, students enrolled in their program and local talent to put on high-quality and unique operas! They have provided New Jersey with their unique and elegant operas since 2000 and don't plan on stopping anytime soon!

An exciting addition to New Jersey's opera scene!

We hope you've enjoyed our guide to...

New Jersey Opera

Opera is making a fast comeback in New Jersey and the Tri-State area! Whether you enjoy the traditional, classic operas or you prefer the opera companies that add their own unique modern twist, we have listed it all! Any of these opera companies will take you back in time and have you appreciating one of the oldest, yet most beautiful forms of music.

New Jersey is just one of several states known for amazing opera companies. Find the best opera in PA or travel to New York City, the mecca of performing arts!
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