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Dance Companies in NJ

Dance Companies in NJ

Great Dance Companies Performing in NJ

NJ residents can witness some of the most beautiful performances by our highly acclaimed professional local dance companies. Watch performers dance and glide across the stage in an image of pure grace. There are ballet companies and culturally inclined dance centers featuring the work of NJ's most talented choreographers. All of the ensembles listed below travel throughout the state and showcase their beautiful dance acts at a plethora of performing art centers. Some ensembles are available for hire by local theater companies or playwrights. Refer to their websites below to view their upcoming schedules. This is great for a date night, family night, or an outing with friends to appreciate the arts.

Northern NJ
New Jersey Ballet Company
15-17 Microlab Road, Suite 102, Livingston, NJ

New Jersey Ballet Company New Jersey Dance Companies 54 Years of Performing Arts in New Jersey!
The New Jersey Ballet Company is one of the most renowned performing arts companies in New Jersey! Their highly trained performers put their heart and soul into every performance and it shows! With new shows added every month there is always something to see! The New Jersey Ballet Company performs everything from Pinocchio and Beauty and the Beast to modern performances not seen anywhere else! They perform all over New Jersey so there's guaranteed to be a show near you. Come out for a show and let the New Jersey Ballet Company prove that ballet is anything but boring!

54 Years of Supplying NJ with Spectacular Dances!

Central NJ
American Repertory Ballet
Performances throughout Central and Southern NJ!

American Repertory Ballet Company Dance Companies NJ A Wide Variety of Performances in NJ!
The American Repertory Ballet is one of the most prestigious performing arts companies in New Jersey. They feature a number of different performances ranging from ballet to point, modern dance, hip-hop and everything in between! No matter what kind of performing arts you're interested in, they're guaranteed to have a show for you at the American Repertory Ballet company. The company performs throughout Central and Southern New Jersey. They not only feature performing arts shows, they also offer classes and lectures for dancers in order to inform you of healthy eating habits and new techniques. They are also a dance studio so their performers are highly trained and experienced. The American Repertory Ballet company has been named the 2011 winner of the "favorite dance company" by Jersey Arts so you won't be disappointed at any of their performances!

New Jersey Dance Company & Ballet School!

All of NJ
Nai Ni Chen Dance Company
Performances throughout NJ and NY

Nai Ni Chen Dance Company NJ Dance Companies One of the most unique Dance Companies in NJ!
Nai Ni Chen Dance Company is one of the most unique performing arts companies in New Jersey. They feature new, unique and brilliant performances from ballet to modern and culturally specific performances not see anywhere else! Let Nai Ni Chen Dance Company open your eyes to the beautiful dances of other cultures. They are known for blending the freedom of American modern dance with the beauty and grace of Asian dances. You will escape into another world during any of their performances. They perform all over New Jersey and New York City and are known as one of the most spectacular and disciplined dance company in the state. Let your mind escape into another culture while your eyes gaze on amazing dances.

Known for its cross-cultural contemporary dance performances in NJ!

Northern NJ
Carolyn Dorfman Dance Company
Performing Throughout NJ

Carolyn Dorfman Dance Company New Jersey Dance Companies 30 Years of Dancing for New Jersey!
The Carolyn Dorfman Dance Company hires only nationally recognized choreographers to train their highly skilled and passionate dancers. The dancers radiate the stage with their athleticism, high-energy and technically-demanding dance routines. Every dance tells a story, how you interpret it is the fun part! You're never just watching a dance, you're watching performers play out a story that you can connect with through their moves! Carolyn Dorfman Dance Company has only 10 dancers in their company to ensure cohesiveness and minute attention to every detail of the performance. Come see their passion for dance come alive at any of their performaces throughout New Jersey!

Unique, modern and extremely talented NJ Dance Company!

More Dance Companies in New Jersey

Freespace Dance
Performances throughout New Jersey and New York City, 973-641-1931

Roxey Ballet
243 North Union Street, Lambertville, NJ, 609-397-7616

Atlantic City Ballet
713 West Moss Mill Rd., Egg Harbor City, NJ, 609-804-1995

New Jersey Dance Theatre Ensemble
Located in Westfield NJ, Performing throughout NJ, 908-232-0114

Kalamandir Dance Company
Perforances throughout New Jersey, 732-3970-3619 or 732-533-7529

Zaman Dance Theater
Based in Glen Ridge NJ, Performing throughout NJ, 917-744-0268

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Dance Companies in New Jersey

No matter what kind of dance genre you're interested in, these New Jersey dance companies will have something for you to enjoy! Whether it is classical ballet, modern or culturally-specific dances, you will increase your love for the art of dance when you watch any of these dance companies perform.

Experience more art and culture in NJ by checking out our Guide to Performing Arts in NJ. If you want to experience art and culture outside of New Jersey than check out New York Ballet or Modern Dance in PA.
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