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Recreational Classes in NJ

Whether you are a fan of extreme sports, unique sports or just want to learn how to do something that you can't do, there is a recreational activity class in NJ available for you! Look into the many classes available and sign up for one today.

Archery Lessons NJ Archery Classes in NJ
Great for hand-eye coordination, archery lessons are a fun and different hobby. Whether you use archery for hunting, competition or recreation, you'll find local classes listed here.
Fencing Lessons NJ Fencing Classes in NJ
Take local lessons in this unique sword fighting form and impress your friends. This is a great hobby if you enjoy attending competitions and showing off your skills.
Gymnastics Lessons NJ Gymnastics Classes in NJ
If you're looking for a sport that will help keep you in shape, then gymnastics is for you! Promoting flexibility, control and muscle tone, this challenging sport is very rewarding.
Ice Skating Lessons NJ Ice Skating Classes in NJ
Kids and adults alike love ice skating. Relive great childhood memories, or train for figure skating competitions, at these ice skating classes.
Jiu SCUBA Classes in NJ SCUBA Lessons in NJ
Discover the world beneath the waves when you learn to SCUBA dive! Get certified for open water dives, night dives and more by attending one of these classes!
Ski Lessons in NJ Ski Lessons in NJ
Learn how to glide down the slopes like a pro when you take ski lessons. These fun recreational classes in NJ will help you move from the bunny hill to the expert slopes in no time!
Surfing Lessons NJ Surfing Lessons NJ
You don't have to be in Hawaii to catch some great waves. These NJ surfing lessons will have you skimming across the water like it's second nature!
Swimming Classes in NJ Swimming Lessons in NJ
Swimming is a perfect combination of sport and pleasure. Whether you are doing it for exercise or relaxation you'll find swimming to be a fun past time.
Tennis Lessons NJ Tennis Classes in NJ
Learn the rules of the game and practice your stroke when you take these tennis classes. Kids and adults alike love this fun and energetic sport.
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