Fencing Classes in NJ

Olympic-Level Swordplay!

Fencing is one of the sports that has been featured at every modern Olympic Games, so more likely than not you're familiar with it. It originated as a way of training soldiers for the military, but eventually transitioned into a sport. Now, it is practiced internationally. A lesser known fact is that there are actually three types of weapons in modern fencing: foil, épée, and sabre. Each one has its own rules during game-play and effective strategies. Layers and varieties of protective clothing are also required including material like Kevlar, Dyneema, and tough cotton.

The good news is you'll get to learn and experience all of this in person at an interactive fencing class! Learn the ropes and test your skills. It's a sport that anyone can learn and with enough practice, you'll be on your way to competing. In a combination of offensive and defensive movements, you can lunge and thrust your way to victory.

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More About It!

If you've been an avid fan of the sport through watching the Olympics, see what the organization itself has to say about fencing and its history. You may learn a little something you didn't anticipate! It's also a great precursor to actually beginning to learn the sport itself.

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