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Music Classes in NJ

Whether you would like to learn to play classical music on the violin or want to rock out to some popular tunes on your guitar, you'll find NJ music lessons listed here for all your instrument learning needs. Take these music classes in NJ to improve your coordination and enhance your appreciation for music.

Drum Lessons in NJ Drum Lessons in NJ
Rock out when you learn this cool instrument! See a list of some of the best schools for drum lessons NJ has to offer and choose one that's local to you to begin your education in percussion.
Guitar Lessons in NJ Guitar Classes in NJ
Learn the instrument of choice for Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix and Johnny Cash. Whether you want to learn acoustic, electric or classical guitar, this instrument is a great choice. So start your guitar music lessons in NJ today!
Piano lessons NJ Piano Classes NJ
One of the best instruments to learn for a musical foundation, piano is great for both children and adults. In this section you'll find classes in many styles of piano, from pop music to classical pieces. 
Voice Lessons in NJ Singing Lessons in NJ
Whether you want to practice for the opera, choir, a band or just so that you sound better when you sing in your car - you'll find lessons that are right for you here. See a list of local singing lessons where you'll learn to train your voice.
Violin Lessons in NJ
Violin Lessons in NJ
Become the next Paganini when you take up violin lessons. We list for you here the best violin classes in New Jersey, so find local lessons and start learning!

For information about other informative lessons in NJ, check out our complete Learn in NJ guide.  For fun and informative music instruction in other parts of the globe, see our guide to Music Lessons in PA or Music Lessons New York.


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