Violin Lessons in NJ

Fiddler In The Garden State!

The first known violin was documented in the 16th century in Italy. Since then, it's been bringing its mellifluous sound to populations worldwide. The four strings are played with a bow made of wood and horsehair. Though the instrument was originally made of wood, there are now electric violins which are made of other materials that do not rely on the hollow wooded structure for its sound. The instrument is used in genres ranging from folk to jazz to rock and any combination of the three.

Start lessons to learn all the nooks and crannies of violin playing. You'll be amazed at the sound you create simply by gliding a bow across the four strings. A professional instructor will guide you to playing songs, making melodies, reading music, and more.

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Hear It Live In Theaters!

One of the biggest places for the violin is in the orchestra of a theater. Cozy up in a classic red fabric seat in front of a big red velvet curtain during a musical or local production. You can visit one of many theaters in NJ and tune your ears into the sounds of the violin coming from the orchestra section. It's the perfect source of inspiration for your own lessons.

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