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Reviews of Grapes N' Barrels NJA Premier NJ Winemaking School and NJ Winemaking Company.
Grapes N' Barrels is one of the "newest" wine schools/wine making centers in New Jersey. We are a "Professional Member" of the American Wine Society and also a member of Raritan Valley Chapter of the AWS (East Brunswick). Grapes N' Barrels is a New Jersey hands-on winemaking center where participants receive instruction and guidance on how make their own wines. Our focus is to provide new and experienced winemakers with an informative, fun, highly interactive and social atmosphere. Our staff guides winemakers through the process of producing quality wines that rival those of large wineries.

Grapes N' Barrels offers unique winemaking options: Make your wine with high-quality fresh wine grapes, select wine juices and we uniquely offer frozen grape must. Each affords winemaker's advantages, but the overarching rationale: You can make your own private label wine any time of the year!

January Begins Winter Winemaking at Grapes N' Barrels!Information and reviews of Grapes N Barrels
We provide everything you need to make your wine: the Finest ingredients, Professional state-of-the-art winery equipment, a winery-like facility and knowledge-based, courteous winemaking instruction.

You can choose to make popular Red Wines, White Wines and Blended Wines from varietal selections that include grapes from Suisun Valley, California, Yakima Valley Washington, LeMarche Italy, and Curico Valley Chile. Some of the wines offered include: RED WINES such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Super Tuscans, Sangiovese, Malbec and more; WHITE WINES such as Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon BlReviews of Grapes N Barrelsanc, Viognier, Muscato and more. We follow proven winemaking methods with a keen focus on your results: Great wine that you can be proud of.

Offering a unique and memorable New Jersey winemaking experience, Grapes N' Barrels strives to make every winemaking session a festive occasion: Our winemakers enjoy family, friends, co-workers, laughter, food and of course... celebrating wine!

Make your Own Private Label Wine in NJ!
The Grapes N' Barrels Winemaking Process is highly flexible and can be tailored to your interests, wine selection and schedule. We follow four simple hands-on sessions: You may Crush, Press, Rack and Bottle your wine. The four steps span the natural fermentation and aging period for each wine.

We offer Full '50' Gallon Barrels (240 bottles), Half '25' Gallon Barrels (120 bottles), and Quarter '13' Gallon Barrels (60 bottles). "Barrel Share" options are also available. We also offer 'Introductory Specials' where Information on Grapes N Barrels Sayreville NJparticipants can make one case of wine (or more). These 'Specials' are designed for those who want to experience winemaking without making the investment for a greater quantity. We are currently offering a Winemaking Introductory Special: $150/case (12 bottles) for a quality California varietal wine. Call for details and availability.

Grapes N' Barrels' Winemaking Process includes 4 hands-on sessions:
1. Crush Grapes: Using a crusher/destemmer machine
2. Press Grapes: Using a wine press
3. Barrel Rack: Transfer your wine to the proper vessel for aging
4. Bottle and Label your wine.

Grapes N Barrels Sayreville, New Jersey

Wines are aged in oak barrels, stainless steel tanks and glass demijohns to assure pronounced key wine characteristics result. Our pricing is based on regional grape harvests and market factors. Please call us for our current pricing, specials and discounts. Our goal is to make winemaking affordable to all!

Wedding Wine Favors
There is no nicer way to remember your very special Wedding Day and to thank all those in attendance than to gift your own, hand-crafted, Wedding Wine Favor. Grapes N Barrels offer a variety of wines, bottled and labeled to your exact specifications. Chronicle your winemaking, share pics at your wedding, and enjoy your artisan wine with friends and family! Call Grapes N Barrels for more information and special ‘Bridal Package’ pricing: 973-699-0709.

Wine Making at Grapes N' Barrels

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Address: 701 Hartle Street, Suite 705, Sayreville, NJ - directions
Phone number: 732-851-6800

For more information:
Call us at 732-851-6800 or visit our website.

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Grapes N' Barrels

Enjoy private label winemaking at one of New Jersey's newest wine schools/wine making centers, Grapes N' Barrels. They provide all levels of wine makers the opportunity to make their own delicious and fresh wine in Sayreville, New Jersey!
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