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The Best Medical Billing Company in NJ is Park Medical Billing


Reviews of the best Medical Billing services. Read our reviews of the best Professional medical claims processing companies. Find the best medical billing companies that provide excellent client services for medical billing practices. Best full service Medical billing and medical coding services for doctors and medical providers.
1. Park Medical Billing Best overall medical billing and coding service #1 Medical billing service!

Park Medical Billing is a full-service, professional medical billing and coding company serving all 50 states. has reviewed, contacted and evaluated over two dozen medical billing services and has found

Park Medical Billing to be one of the best.
Park Medical Billing is a company that offers prompt and accurate medical billing and coding of medical insurance claims.


Services Offered: Medical billing and coding for medical professionals in all 50 States.

Professionally-run service that is very cost-effective for doctors in the medical industry. Park Medical Billing saves medical practitioners money because they do not work on a percentage scale based on what claims get approved but instead they charge a small flat fee per claim which ultimately costs substantially lower than other medical billing companies that work on a percentage of reimbursements scale.
Their flat fee will never go up, and their one year contracts will guarantee that they will not raise their fee when it is time for contract renewal!

There are no cons that we can see.

Pricing is on a per-claim basis. They offer a free quote and consultation.
FREE QUOTE AND CONSULTATION has researched over 25 Medical Billing companies Nationally and has chosen Park Medical Billing to be the most professional, full service Medical Billing company overall.


Electronic Claims Submissions
Although Park Medical Billing still provides paper claims, electronic claim submissions is now the most efficient way to get reimbursed quickly. Their practice management software allows them to bill out medical claims within a 24 hr period, enabling you, as the client, to receive payment on a faster and more consistent basis. Almost all insurance companies are now accepting electronic claim submissions which is why outsourcing medical billing has become possible.

HIPAA Compliance Review
Park is committed to conducting business in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. Park conducts a comprehensive compliance review in order to monitor and audit HIPAA rules

Accounts Receivable Management
Park's account managers are responsible for making sure that all of your aged receivables are IN CONTROL. They are relentless at resolving any lingering denied or underpaid claims. Their goal is collect as much potential revenue as possible by always reviewing aged receivables, and bringing your balances owed to a minimum. Your reimbursements will be managed and reviewed with detail to make sure that every dollar is accounted for.

Medical Coding Review and Assistance 
Without proper medical coding of all ICD-9 and CPT's, insurance companies will not reimburse you. Medical coding must be input properly on claims forms in order to ensure maximum reimbursements for your services. Park's medical coding specialists are experts at reviewing the codes that you have provided and making sure that they are billed correctly.

Physician Credentialing
Whether you are starting a new practice, enrolling in Medicare, adding a physician to your group, or updating necessary insurance information, their team is always there to eliminate that burden and guide you through all the necessary steps. Park Medical Billing will provide you full assistance in all the correspondence and time and energy needed in order for you to practice and profit.

Generating Reports
Alltate's practice management software allows them to generate all types of financial reports that you deem necessary. Whether its daily, weekly, or monthly, they can provide you with reports across all levels. They can also access summarized or detailed reports such as individual patient reports, submitted claims reports, receivables reports, and many other customized reports that you may need.



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