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Best Jersey Shore Bars

Best Bars down the shore

Best bars down the Jersey shore

The New Jersey Shore is a hot spot for nightlife and going out with friends. This is due to the cluster of bars that populate the coastline from north to south. Sip on tasty cocktails with flavors embracing the beach environment while soaking up some classic shore vibes with lively music. What better way to have fun with current friends while meeting new ones? There are bars that are the perfect atmosphere for picking up a lucky guy or gal for the night as well as ones featuring exquisite seaside cuisine. Pick whatever suits your fancy and let the night take you away! Find the best bars down the shore listed by category. From the best lounges to the best pick up spots down the shore, you'll find them all here!

Outdoor Bars at the Jersey Shore Best Outdoor Bars down the shore
The Jersey Shore is known for its phenomenal beach view bars. Find the best Shore Bars that give you some of the best views of the ocean and beach. These bars have amazing outdoor patios to enjoy your friends' company and great drinks!
Mixed Crowd Bars at the Jersey Shore Best Mixed Crowd bars down the shore
No matter your age or gender, these shore bars in New Jersey are great for everyone! They have the perfect settings for all ages and are perfect for a girls night or guys night out down the Jersey Shore.
Best Jersey Shore Pick up Bars Best Pick-up bars down the shore
If you're headed down to the Jersey Shore to find the man or woman of your dreams, these bars are where you need to go! They have intimate settings that allow you to get to know whomever you have your eye set on!
Shore Bars Open all Year Shore Bars open all year
The Jersey Shore isn't just for warm weather, find some great shore bars open all year! These bars are perfect for keeping cool during the summer and staying warm in the winter!
Seafood Bars down the Jersey Shore Best seafood bars
The Jersey Shore is known for its fresh and delicious seafood that's never imported, but fresh from our own waters. Find the best seafood bars down the shore. These bars pair great seafood and delicious drinks!
Best Bars with Live Music at the Jersey Shore Best Live Music bars
If you're headed down to the Jersey Shore and you're looking to listen to a great local band, these bars have you covered! They're known for highlighting the best artists from around New Jersey. Bring your friends for a round of drinks and a great live band at the Jersey Shore.
Best Jersey Shore Dive Bars Best Dive bars down the shore
If you're looking for a Jersey Shore bar that will make you feel right at home? Than these dive bars are perfect for you! With a relaxed atmosphere and regular clients, these dive bars will quickly make you feel like a regular.
Cheap Shore Bars Cheap bars down the shore
Tight on money, but still want to go out with your friends? No problem! These shore bars are great for broke college students or those tight on money. Save a few bucks and have a fun night out with your friends down the Jersey Shore!
Lounges at the Jersey Shore Best Lounges down the shore
If you're looking for a more intimate setting, check out the best lounges down the shore. They offer a quiet, intimate and cool atmosphere your friends will love.
Top 100 Shore Bars Top 100 Shore Bars
Check out our selection of the Top 100 Bars down the Jersey Shore! Use our list to plan your next weekend away at the Jersey Shore! If you pick any one of these bars, you can't go wrong.


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Best Bars Down the Jersey Shore

Spend the weekend down at the Jersey Shore and never run out of things to do! With so many different bars to chose from, you and all of your friends will have the time of your life! Whether you're looking to find Mr. Right or dance the night away to live music, these Jersey Shore bars have it all!

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