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Complete guide to Sport Centers in NJ. Best indoor sports centers and facilities in New Jersey.
Sport centers with space available to rent in NJ. Sports leagues to join in NJ.

Fun Sport Centers in Northern New Jersey Sport Centers in Northern NJ
Find all of the best indoor and outdoor sport centers in Northern NJ. Our guide to all sport related facilities and play centers in Northern New Jersey is the most complete that you'll find in all of NJ. See all Sports facilities in Northern NJ.
Sport Centers in Central Jersey Sport Centers in Central NJ
Central New Jersey is home to many fun sports facilities geared for both children and adults. Find out where all the best sports centers and sports play centers are in Central NJ. See all Sports facilities in Central NJ.
Party Rentals NJ Sport Centers in Southern NJ
Find fun sport facilities in Southern NJ. Many sports centers have basketball courts, batting cages, mini-golf and more. Many sporting centers also accommodate children's parties. Find all the fun with our guide to sports centers in South Jersey. See all Sports facilities in Southern NJ.
Base ball centers in NJ Baseball Centers in NJ
Indoor baseball fields are king when they are well maintained. Many sport centers run leagues and/or baseball training. Some of these fields are also rentable by the hour or day. See where all the cool baseball facilities are in NJ with our Baseball centers in NJ guide. See all Baseball facilities in NJ.
Basketball Centers NJ Basketball Centers in NJ
How about getting the guys together for a quick pick up basketball game? Many sports centers in NJ have well groomed indoor basketball courts that are very affordable to rent by the hour. If each guy chips in five dollars, you can play in style on a mini NBA style court! See a list of Basketball facilities in NJ.
Batting cages NJ Batting cages in NJ
Take the kids and hit the batting cages! Find out where the slow pitch and/or fast pitch batting cages are in New Jersey. Complete list of Indoor and outdoor batting cage facilities in NJ. See all Batting cages in NJ.
Bowling Centers NJ Bowling Centers in NJ
Spend the day bowling with the family. There are numerous bowling centers throughout NJ and you can make a day of throwing a ball at the stationary pins. Get your bowling shoes ready and get ready to spend the day at a Bowling Center in NJ!
Football Centers in NJ

Football Centers in NJ
Find fun indoor football venues and indoor football leagues in NJ. Some sports centers in New Jersey have gorgeous indoor football fields that you can rent by the hour. Some have awesome flag or touch football leagues. See a complete list of Football facilities in New Jersey.

Hockey Centers NJ Hockey Centers in NJ
If you've got kids into hockey, then you don't want to miss our in-depth guide to hockey rinks and indoor hockey centers in New Jersey. See where all the sports centers are that cater to the little hockey fans that love to play hockey. See all Hockey facilities in NJ.
Ice skating centers NJ Ice Skating Centers in NJ
There are many indoor/outdoor Ice skating rinks in NJ. Ice skating is a fun year round activity. See a complete list of the best places to go ice skating in NJ. See all Ice skating rinks and indoor Ice Skating facilities in NJ.
Ice skating centers NJ Laser Tag Centers in NJ
There are many fun indoor laser tag facilities to enjoy in NJ. Laser tag is an exciting way to spend the day with the kids. See a complete list of the best places to play laser tag in NJ. See all Laser tag arenas in New Jersey.
Mini Gollf sport centers NJ Mini Golf NJ
Many sports centers have indoor and outdoor mini-golf courses. See our mini- golf guide and see all the best places to play mini golf in New Jersey. Mini-golf is great for both kids and adults alike! See a complete list of sports centers that offer Mini golf in NJ.
Roller Skating Rinks in NJ Roller Skating Rinks in NJ
If you're tired of doing the same things over and over again, why not try an old school favorite with the kids this weekend. Our guide to roller skating rinks will have you skating in circles in no time! See our guide to Roller rinks in NJ.
Soccer Centers in NJ Soccer Centers in NJ
Soccer is a fun sport that can be enjoyed year-round in New Jersey. In the colder winter months, NJ residents can take advantage of some beautifully maintained indoor soccer facilities that can be rented. Soccer leagues are also formed and organized throughout the year. Find out where all the best Soccer facilities are in NJ.
Swimming Centers in NJ Swimming Centers in NJ
Swimming is a great way to have fun and burn calories at the same time! There are many sports centers that offer memberships where you can take advantage of swimming indoors year-round. See a complete list of Swimming facilities in New Jersey!
Tennis Centers NJ Tennis Centers in NJ
Some sports centers in NJ have cool indoor/outdoor tennis facilities which you can rent either by the hour or for a specified period of time. There is nothing better that playing tennis on a well maintained indoor court. See all Tennis facilities in NJ.


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