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Coal Mines in NJ - Lost Caverns and Mines in NJ

Explorers and adventurers will love visiting the coal mines and caverns in NJ. You will be able to take tours of these locations, learn the history of their operations and gain insight into how they shaped the history of the state.

Sterling Hill Mining Museum NJSterling Hill Mine Tour & Museum 
Ogdensburg NJ
Almost everything man-made has something to do with mining. At the Sterling Hill Mining Museum they'll show you just how it's done. From drilling and blasting to the processing of the ore, they’ve got it all! Come take a ¼ mile underground walking adventure into the 4th oldest mine in the country and the last working underground mine in NJ.

Along the way you will see a mining equipment history display, a drilling and blasting demonstration and the world famous fluorescent “Rainbow Tunnel” where everybody gets to take home a fluorescent mineral specimen. Right here in NJ is one of the world's richest zinc ore deposits. This area boasts over 350 minerals, about 70 of which fluoresce, that's about 10% of the known minerals in the world right here in NJ as well as the richest fluorescent mineral deposit in the world. You can collect minerals from all over the world, including fluorescence.

                                                               Coal Mines in PA

Pioneer Tunnel Coal Mine Tour
Ashland Pa
About 2 1/2 hours from central NJ

Tour a real Anthracite Coal Mine and take a ride on an old-fashioned narrow gauge steam train at Pioneer Tunnel Coal Mine. The Pioneer Tunnel Coal Mine is located in Ashland, PA, a town that lies in the anthracite coal region of eastern Pennsylvania. It is worth the drive to see this fine attraction. There are many mines in the area. Visitors ride into the tunnel on mine cars rebuilt to carry passengers. You are always invited to stroll through the local playground and park as well as check out their various outdoor mining displays. The Henry Clay Steam Train ride takes you on a scenic three-quarter mile ride around the side of Mahanoy Mountain to show you another kind of mining called strip mining. Click on the link above for more information about this awesome family day trip filled with rich history.

Lackawanna Coal Mine Tour
Scranton, PA
About 2 hours from Central Jersey

Explore 300 feet beneath the Earth, meet a miner in the winding caverns while traveling down through three different veins of hard coal and learn about life and hard coal times in the Shifting Shanty. You can also see photo-mural exhibits, mining tools, artifacts and video presentations and much more!

Enjoy a day of recreation at the 200 acre McDade Park which is adjacent to the coal mine. Complete picnic and swimming facilities as well as sports fields. The Lackawanna Coal Mine Tour is open from April through the end of November and is closed only on Thanksgiving Day. Plan your trip today!

                                                               Lost Caverns and Mines in PA

Lost River Caverns

Crystal Cave

Indian Caverns

Indian Echo Caverns

Laurel Caverns

Lincoln Caverns

Woodward Cave

                                                               Lost Caverns and Mines in NY

Howe Caverns

Natural Stone Bridge and Caves


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Lost Caverns and Mines in NJ

Now that you've explored all the great caverns and mines NJ has to offer, you can enjoy a fun-filled and wondrous family vacation that you won't soon forget!  Stop by one of these spectacular caverns and mines and spelunk to your heart's desire. Also, if you are looking for more fun, see all Outdoor Adventures in NJ.

If you are heading out of the state, check out all of the Caverns and Mines in PA and all of the Caverns and Mines in NY.
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