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How to Get to The Howell Living History Farm

The farm is located in Lambertville NJ. Route 1 to south I-95 towards Pennsylvania. Take last exit off I-95 south (Exit #1) to Route 29 north towards Lambertville. Go 7 1/2 miles to Valley Road. Turn right and travel 1 1/2 miles to Woodens Lane. Turn left; Howell Farm entrance lane is 1/4 mile on the right. Click here for a google Map of this area.


Day Trip to Howell Living History Farm 


Howell Living History Farm
Woodens Lane, Lambertville NJ

Fun in the Pastures!
The Howell Living History Farm in Lambertville NJ is a great place to bring kids. The best day to go is on Saturday as they have events every Saturday. If you visit on other days you are on your own for a self guided tour only, so try to go on a Saturday. The farm has a lot to offer and you could spend almost the whole day there. Look at this beautiful pasture that you will pass as you are entering the Farm.
Howell Living History Farm Lambertville NJ
Bridge to the Farm
After you park your car you need to visit the office and sign in. Admission is free but they do charge about $3 for some of the fun activities. After you check in, you have to take a little walk, to all the farm action. It is a nice little walk with some great farmland views. Walk over the bridge to enter this adorable NJ farm.

Howell Living History Farm Bridge Lambertville NJ

Things to do on the Howell Living History Farm in NJ

Howell living History Farm stable New Jersey
                                                    A Farmer teaching all about the horses

The Howell Living History Farm takes you back to the year 1900, where you can actually help doing things around the farm. Depending on what they are doing that day you feel as if you actually lived in that era. The Farmer pictured on the left was very friendly and informative as she taught us history of the Farm and the animals. The kids helped care for the animals and swept the barn.

Howell Living History Farm farmer and dog
Farmer and small girl ready to pick tomatoes

You might go on a horse and buggy to the field and harvest corn then head back to the barnyard and help shell it and grind it and bake it into corn bread. You might make soap, butter or ice cream. The day we went, we helped the Farmers pick tomatoes then we cleaned them, crushed them, and learned how to cook and can the tomatoes!

A very informative farmer

Farm Machinery

Caring for the Horses
Help crush, cook and can!

Help pick the tomatoes

Washing tomatoes

Food Fun at the Howell Living History Farm

Making cookies at Howell living history farm
Making a recipe together

For $3 we got a nice decorative jar and all the ingredients to fill the jar so you could bake your own cookies when you get home. There were two lovely ladies who helped the children put the flour, sugar, salt and chocolate chips as well as all of other ingredients in the jar. We then were able to pick out a cloth pattern and ribbon to tie to our jar. Kids will love to get involved and make their own cookies!


Howell living History Farm Kitchen NJ
  Old-fashioned lunch at old-fashioned prices!
There is also a fabulous 19th century kitchen where you can get lunch for very reasonable prices. We had a New Jersey Tomato stuffed with homemade chicken salad. We also had fresh tomato Gazpacho that was out of this world. Ham sandwiches were available for the little ones as well as home baked pies and soft drinks. We all ate for under $10!


Howell Living History Farm Museum
Howell living history farm museum


Animals that the kids will adore!
Howell living history farm Pigs
Three little pigs
The cute three little pigs will come running when you come to visit them. They will let you pet them and the kids went absolutely nuts over them! If you are lucky enough they will be feeding right next to you. 
Howell living History Farm Baby Chicks
Baby Chicks only a few days old!
You get to go into a small barn where all the little baby chicks are running around. They are quick even at a young age and one of the farmers said that even she can hardly catch them! The farmer teaches you all about the baby chicks and will answer any questions that you may have. A truly wonderful learning experience for kids and adults alike.

Teams Prepare for the 2005 Plowing Match 2005 at the Howell Living History Farm in NJ

Howell Living History Farm
Woodens Lane, Lambertville NJ
(609) 737-3299.


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