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Unique NJ

Here is a list of unique places and things to do in NJ. The state has more to offer than just beaches! Find complete lists of unique bars, restaurants, attractions and more!

Unique Attractions in NJ
Unique Attractions
There are countless unique things about NJ. There are probably several unique attractions near you that you never knew about! Find them using our comprehensive list!
Unique Bars in NJ
Unique Bars
Going to the same bar all the time is boring. If you are looking for something new and different, check out our list of all the unique bars NJ has to offer!
Unique Hotels in NJ
Unique Hotels
It can be boring staying in a cookie-cutter hotel chain with very little individuality. NJ has many interesting hotels. Check out our extensive list of NJ's most unique hotels!
Unique Museums in NJ
Unique Museums
Museums are cool and interesting places to spend a day. New Jersey has countless museums, a lot of which are unique. We have a full list of NJ's most unique museums!
Unique Restaurants NJ
Unique Restaurants
New Jersey has hundreds of restaurants. Sometimes you just need to go to an out of the ordinary restaurant. We have a complete list of unique restaurants you can find in NJ!

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Unique New Jersey

Looking for more unique activities? Check out our Art Museums in NJ page and find awesome places to visit in the Garden State! If you are looking for a unique bar or restaurant, check out our extensive list of the Best Karaoke Bars in NJ and head out for a night of fun!

Want to find unique places in other states? Click here for a list of Museums in NY. If you are hosting a party in Pennsylvania, check out our list of Unique Entertainers in PA!
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