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Paranormal NJ

Paranormal NJ

If you are a fan of odd and spooky activities, consider visiting one of NJ's many supernatural locations. Our list will show you the paranormal side of NJ and lead you to cool and creepy places. Find the place that seems most interesting to you and plan a visit today!

Ghost Tours in NJ
Ghost Tours
If you are looking for something spooky to do on the weekend, consider taking a ghost tour of NJ! We have a full list of places you can take haunted tours in NJ!
Haunted Cemeteries in NJ
Haunted Cemeteries
New Jersey has numerous historic and haunted cemeteries throughout the state. If you like visiting historic grave sites, check out our complete list of haunted cemeteries in NJ!
Haunted Buildings in NJ
Haunted Locations in NJ
Old buildings with possible ghost presence are always fun to explore. If you are a fan of the spooky, scary and strange, check out our list of haunted locations in NJ.
Paranormal Book Stores in NJ
Paranormal Book Stores
There are a lot of things to learn about paranormal activity. NJ has numerous book stores that specialize in paranormal. Check out our extensive list of paranormal book stores in NJ!
Psychics in NJ
Do you want to connect with a loved one who has passed? New Jersey has many psychics who can connect you with deceased loved ones. We have a full list of NJ psychics!

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Paranormal New Jersey

Looking for more things to do? Check out our list of Cool Things to do in NJ for a complete list of interesting places you can go! Also check out our Halloween Attractions in NJ for awesomely spooky activities guaranteed to give you the fright of your life!

Heading to NY for the weekend and need something paranormal to do there? Check out our Paranormal NY page! Also, check out Paranormal PA for awesome paranormal activities there!
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