Haunted Cemeteries in NJ

Cemeteries with Paranormal Presence in NJ

Cemeteries are a place where the dead should be at rest. However, with some that just isn't the case. Restless spirits will give you an eerie visit that will give you the thrills. Of course being mindful of other families visiting, this is a place you should go if you definitely want to catch some disturbed ghosts that want to put on a show.

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Know of More Paranormal Spots?

If you know of more places in New Jersey that are great for seeing ghosts, list them on our haunted page! Passionate people are seeking their next adventure to keep the adrenaline rush going. It is super simple to sign up, just enter your information by registering on our site. Keep the weird NJ destinations alive on FunNewJersey.com! Also, reach out to us at 732-298-6015 with any questions you might have.

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