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Guide to Camps in NJ

Here you'll find a list of different camps in NJ.
From computers to soccer we have you covered with these New Jersey Camps.

Children Camps in NJ Children's Camp Directory in NJ
Camps in NJ are everywhere! This is a list specific to kids and their needs. Picture any kind of activity or camp, but geared towards tots.
Computer Camps NJ Computer Camp NJ
It's never too early to learn about computers, programming, or animation. According to many sources, these are the jobs of the future, which is quickly approaching!
Fashion Design Camps NJ Fashion Design Camp NJ
Sign your aspiring fashion designer up for a fashion camp in NJ! We have listed studios that provide fashion design camps for all ages and levels of experience.
Horseback Riding in NJ Horseback Riding Camp NJ
Horseback Riding can be everything you've seen in the action packed movies, or just a relaxing activity. Either way, a week spent horseback riding in NJ can't go wrong. 
Overnight Camps in NJ Sleepaway Camps in NJ
Sleep away camps are the best! How many times have you heard that from a child's mouth? Camp songs, s'mores, talent shows, and camp dances. See what the hype is about! 
NJ Special Needs Summer Camps Special Needs Summer Camps NJ
Everyone should get to experience the delightfulness of Summer Camps. Get your child to a camp that will cater to his needs. Counselors are trained to make sure these children feel safe and are having fun!
Sports Related Camps in NJ Sports Related Camps in NJ
Baseball, soccer, football, basketball...or maybe you can't decide? Take a look at our Sports Related Camps in NJ directory. You'll find what you need.
NJ Summer Camps Summer Camps in NJ
Summer Camps of all sorts can be found here. Maybe there are camps that just don't fit in to any of the other categories, or are just the traditional camp but has something special to it. You'll find these camps here.


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NJ Camp Directory

There are many different kinds of camps in NJ. Our NJ Camp Directory aims to find them all! This is an ever evolving list. As we find more, we'll post them!

Are you looking for camps in areas outside of New Jersey? Then check out our guides to summer camps in New York and summer camps for kids in PA.


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