Best Thai Restaurants in NJ

A Diversely Flavorful Cuisine!

Thai food is more than curries and papaya salad. It takes the perfect blend of spicy, acidic, sweet, and aromatic to form bold and dynamic flavors. Traditional Northern and Southern Thai cuisine differ slightly. Northeastern Thai is a little more sour with more spice and heat added to their dishes. Southern Thai features curries with explosive and aromatic flavors including turmeric and is the most popular Thai cuisine outside of Thailand itself.

Staple ingredients of Thai cuisine include coconut milk, chili paste, lemongrass, fish sauce (nam pla), to name a few. When you head to one of NJ's best Thai restaurants, step outside your traditional Pad Thai order and try something a little bit more exotic. Maybe even take the spice level to a new notch to see if you can handle it!

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The Other Side Of The World!

For a completely different flavor profile and one influenced by Ottoman cuisine and Mediterranean ingredients, explore Greek restaurants in NJ. Taste authentic tzatziki paired with warm pita chips. This may just be New Jersey, but its culinary profile is international!

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