Best Billiards Bars in NJ

Bring Your A-Game!

If you love participating in some friendly competition while indulging in great drinks, then the top billiards bars in the state are perfect for your next Friday night. Whether you've been playing for years or simply dabble in pool after having a couple of drinks, it'll be a fun time surrounded by friends. Take it to the next level and turn one game into a pool tournament and get everyone to join in. The atmosphere is typically relaxed and casual, so you'll feel comfortable and ready to play.

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Games + Drinks

If you're in your later years of college and the combination of games and drinks is what excites you, there are more options than just a game of pool. College bars host tournaments including beer pong, trivia, and so much more. Grab your best teammates and head out to engage in some fun and interactive friendly competition.

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